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St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne is proud to provide world-class cancer care for metropolitan and rural patients.

Our Chemotherapy Day Unit (CDU) provides a calm and compassionate environment for patients to receive daily cancer treatment. The CDU provides approximately 7000 treatments each year. The team are leading the way in cancer clinical trials, providing patients with access to cutting-edge therapies.

The 6th floor cancer ward has 20 beds and provides care for patients with higher needs.

Fundraising through Dry July assists us to purchase essential items for the Cancer Centre and for our patients. St Vincent’s patient Nick says, The hospital is home for a lot of people – you’ve got to make it as homely as possible for them.”

That’s why we need your support!

We’d love to reach our fundraising target of $40,000 this year so we can update vital equipment and purchase patient comfort items. iPads can provide a welcome distraction during chemotherapy treatment and we need to replace some of our patient treatment chairs.

Please support patients like Nick who are being treated for cancer at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

Latest Updates

Germaine and Daisy's Story

In 2021, Germaine was diagnosed with myeloma. Through the support and care of the incredible staff at St Vincent's Hospital, Germaine is now in remission and looking forward to all that life offers. By supporting St Vincent's Hospital this Dry July, you're helping people like Germaine and Daisy. 

Listen to Germaine and Daisy's Story Here!

Oncology nurse inspires support for Dry July

Check out how one of the incredible oncology nurses at St Vincent's Hospital is inspiring support for Dry July 2023!

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Thanks to you, we raised over $32,800 for patients being treated for cancer at St Vincent’s!

On behalf of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, we would like to thank you for supporting the 2022 Dry July fundraising campaign.

We are truly grateful for the support we received from the St Vincent’s Dry July team members. We appreciate the sacrifice they made giving up alcohol, while seeking donations through sponsorship from their friends, family and extended networks.

Your fundraising for Dry July has assisted St Vincent’s to purchase the following items: 2 x electric wheelchairs –valued at $8,000 each, 2 x BP Spot Monitors -valued at $4,400 each, comfort items including newspapers, biscuits, toiletry bags and ear plugs.

Our wonderful staff members and patients from the Chemotherapy Day Unit and the Oncology Ward are sincerely grateful for the support received from the Dry July campaign. St Vincent’s patient Kellie says Dry July is a terrific way to support people going through cancer. “Your mental and physical health is a gift. By taking part or donating, you have done something so wonderful for people who are so grateful.”

On behalf of all the patients and St Vincent’s Cancer Centre staff, we thank you for your support and for helping to make a positive difference to the lives of people living with cancer.

St Vincent’s ED team go dry for July

Members of the St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Emergency Department (ED) team have opted to ‘go dry’ throughout July to support patients being treated for cancer at St Vincent’s.

Team leader, Stephanie Beckman, said various members of the ED team have participated in Dry July over the last few years. “I’m a part of the Staff Wellbeing Group and Dry July has been a terrific campaign for us to get involved with, not only from a health perspective but because it’s for such a good cause.”

Steph has been a nurse at St Vincent’s for five years. She says the ED team are the best group she’s ever worked with because they’re collaborative. “The nurses, doctors, physios, pharmacists, ward clerks and the alert team all work as one, big, collaborate unit.”

Steph said one of the benefits she’s experienced from participating in Dry July previously has been enjoying many restful sleeps and getting full use of her weekends.

“Cancer is such an awful thing to go through. Anything we can do that helps our cancer patients to be slightly more comfortable during their time in hospital is a small way we can support them,” Steph said.

The team set themselves a $1,000 target, but they smashed it on day one. Their new target is $2,000.

To support the team head to:

Kellie has a message for you...

Kellie Devlin has multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer. She has a special message she wanted to share about the difference Dry July makes to support patients being treated for cancer at St Vincent’s. See Kellie's message here

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