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The Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre is located in Nowra, NSW.

Our teams provide treatment and support services to patients living on the South Coast, NSW.

Latest Updates

You Dry July funds just keep on giving!

When we introduced Music in the Bunkers to our patients in 2017 we didn’t realise the impact it would have. Five years on patients continue to experience this form of music therapy while they undergo their radiation treatment.

Dry July initially funded the ipads and speakers allowing patients to select music they wished to listen to, so they felt in control, allowing them to remain calm and simply enjoy music at what can be a very stressful time.

Every year since 2017 Dry July has funded the annual subscription to our premium music provider. It’s a small cost but it continues to make a massive difference to patients and we will keep this going with the help of Dry July funding as it is such a worthwhile project.

Thank you Dry July!

Check out how your Dry July funds have made a difference for Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre

The nursing staff at our rural service in Milton on the South Coast, NSW reached out expressing a need to purchase a vein finder.

Milton does not have a vascular access Clinical Nurse Consultant and when patients with difficult veins present sometimes multiple attempts are required to locate a vein. It has been witnessed that this can cause anxiety among some patients and also treatment delays.

Providing this piece of equipment which accurately detects veins in patients will completely eliminate the need for multiple attempts.

Thank you Dry July for providing this equipment to our rural service! In doing so we have reports of a more efficient service and reduced anxiety amongst both staff and patients.

Your Dry July funds have provided Patient Achievement Packs for Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre

Completing treatment is a significant personal achievement in the lives of our patients. We wanted to acknowledge this milestone by gifting our patients an achievement pack in the hope it provides them with feelings of accomplishment and empowerment.

Items selected for the packs were carefully curated, which include self care products such as moisturiser, lip balm, sunscreen, hairbrush, plus a diary, throat drops, mindfulness activity book and more.

Two different packs were created and products are bundled together in beautiful handmade tote bags kindly donated by Kiama Boomerang Bags.

The reaction from patients on receiving the packs has been extraordinary. It comes as a surprise to them and they have found it so thoughtful!

Thank you Dry July for providing us the opportunity to create these packs for patients!! 

Your commitment to Dry July has helped Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre fund seven initiatives

We are extremely grateful and very keen to share with you the six initiatives we can now deliver for our patients.

Our ‘While You’re Here’ theme focuses on increasing comfort and wellbeing to reduce patient anxiety during treatment and we will direct funds to;

1. Introduce Pet Therapy (pending approval/restrictions)

2. Purchase a Vein Finder machine for Milton Ulladulla Community Cancer Services Centre

3. Supply High End Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate for patients and family/carers

4. Re-subscribe to continue personalised music selections during each radiation therapy treatment

5. Supply Mindfulness Activity books

Our ‘Living well with and after cancer’ theme focuses on education and wellbeing both after diagnosis and post treatment and we will direct funds to;

1. Providing a ‘YOU did it’ care pack for patients

On behalf of all the staff and patients at Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre thank you for your commitment and effort in making a positive difference in the lives of people living with cancer.


We are doing all we can down here at the Centre to help fundraise for our patients. Check out our Crazy For A Cause fundraiser pics - Staff donated a gold coin to wear crazy socks or colourful shoes yesterday.

Thanks to all who participated! Go TEAM SCCC.

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