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The Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre is located in Nowra, NSW. Our teams provide treatment and support services to patients living on the South Coast, NSW. Every year our Illawarra and Shoalhaven teams collectively treat over 65,000 patients.

Latest Updates

Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre launch their Living Fully with the Cancer Experience sessions virtually

With face to face sessions cancelled due to the pandemic, our Clinical Psychology team worked to reinvent our Living Fully with the Cancer Experience sessions, designed for patients who have completed their treatment. We were so excited to launch our six week pilot program, virtually, in October 2021!

Classes were capped at eight participants to ensure an intimate experience. Psychologists Susan and Donna described the sessions as ‘therapeutic, rather than supportive in style, covering a range of themes to help reduce stress, facilitate coping, and encourage participants to engage more fully in their life despite uncertainty and distress”

To truly immerse themselves in the sessions, each participant received a carefully curated Dry July funded self-care pack delivered to their home. The pack included a yoga mat, journal and pen, massage ball set, high end tea set, organic hand cream and lip balm and a sensory glitter liquid timer tube.

One patient described receiving the pack, ‘I felt good unpacking it. Like someone cared and was thinking about thoughtful things to make me happy. I love the journal. I think it is a good idea to get thoughts, feelings and ideas down in. I wouldn’t change a thing. I think everything was very carefully handpicked.’

The sessions are a great example of cancer services staff persisting in difficult times to meet the needs of patients. With the support of Dry July, the program will run multiple times again in 2022 and has expanded to include a one day early diagnosis workshop, focused on education, validation and normalisation and how the nervous system reacts to crisis and trauma and how to work with it.

Knowing this was a Dry July funded initiative, we asked patients if they are likely to participate or donate to the Dry July campaign in 2022. We were so very pleased with this response, which we found heart-warming ‘I did it this year! I raised over $1000 for Wollongong Hospital/Illawarra Cancer Care Centre and I intend to again this year!’

Your commitment to Dry July has helped Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre fund seven initiatives

We are extremely grateful and very keen to share with you the six initiatives we can now deliver for our patients.

Our ‘While You’re Here’ theme focuses on increasing comfort and wellbeing to reduce patient anxiety during treatment and we will direct funds to;

1. Introduce Pet Therapy (pending approval/restrictions)

2. Purchase a Vein Finder machine for Milton Ulladulla Community Cancer Services Centre

3. Supply High End Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate for patients and family/carers

4. Re-subscribe to continue personalised music selections during each radiation therapy treatment

5. Supply Mindfulness Activity books

Our ‘Living well with and after cancer’ theme focuses on education and wellbeing both after diagnosis and post treatment and we will direct funds to;

1. Providing a ‘YOU did it’ care pack for patients

On behalf of all the staff and patients at Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre thank you for your commitment and effort in making a positive difference in the lives of people living with cancer.


We are doing all we can down here at the Centre to help fundraise for our patients. Check out our Crazy For A Cause fundraiser pics - Staff donated a gold coin to wear crazy socks or colourful shoes yesterday.

Thanks to all who participated! Go TEAM SCCC.

Upgrades to patient amenities in the Shoalhaven Cancer Care made possible thanks to Dry July fundraising

Basic items in our patient accommodation had some real wear and tear. Dry July funding has allowed us to purchase quality practical items such as fancy Sheridan towels for our patients, modern linen for beds, replace the broken toaster and old kettle in the community kitchen, provide a Nespresso Coffee Machine, purchase matching dining sets, replace cutlery, provide comfortable cushions and as requested by patients place an alarm clock in every patient room!

These improvements have really lifted spirits and genuinely created a home away from home feel for patients and families who travel from within our rural region to Nowra for treatment. Thanks to our Accommodation Manager Jarrod for identifying the needs of our patients and collaborating with us to deliver!

Garden makeovers in Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre made possible thanks to our Dry July fundraising

Our tired looking garden (dirt patch :)) at the entrance to the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Accommodation Centre has had a makeover with fertilised soil, new plants, weed matting, mulch and the addition of pebbles.

Our staff and patients have noticed a HUGE difference with our Accommodation Manager, Jarrod, reporting that ‘everyone has noticed’ and he has had such positive feedback about the improvement. It really is so much more welcoming. Great work team and we are proud to have collaborated with a local landscaper to deliver this project for our patients!