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We are Australia’s Number 1 charity for men and families impacted by prostate cancer.

When you support PCFA, your money goes to community-based Specialist Nurses and Australia’s only nationwide Prostate Cancer Specialist Telenursing Service.

With thanks to community donations, we provide support and care that no other organisation offers:
• We are there to answer the call when prostate cancer strikes.
• We are there to support men undergoing surgery and treatment.
• We are there to answer questions in the days and weeks after diagnosis.
• We are there to help families understand what the man is going through.
• We are here to help you and your loved ones survive and thrive as much as possible after prostate cancer.

Why go Dry this July for us?

The number of men being diagnosed with prostate cancer in Australia is increasing at a faster rate than any other male cancer.

When you go Dry this July for PCFA, you’ll be supporting our hospital-based Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses and life-changing Prostate Cancer Specialist Telenursing Service.

Your donations are life-changing

$25 can give a newly diagnosed man a tailored information pack to help explain the road ahead.
$50 can cover the cost of screening a newly diagnosed patient for depression and anxiety, ensuring he is referred for mental health support.
$100 can cover the cost of follow-up care and support, so that men and families have consistent care, throughout their treatment.
$250 can help to cover the cost of a community awareness presentation, so that we can educate Australian men about genetic and family risks.
$500 can cover the costs of training a new nurse on the harsh side-effects of treatment, so that we can help men through their toughest challenges.

Latest Updates

Your fundraising has helped Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia support people like Bruce

After Zara’s dad, Bruce, was diagnosed with prostate cancer, she saw first-hand the challenges that Aussie men experience. It inspired her to find a way to make a difference and support other men and families impacted by the disease.

Not one to do anything by halves, Zara decided to shave her long hair alongside her dad, and raised more than $22,000 for PCFA in the process.

Read Zara's full story here: 

Dry July 2020 funds will help PCFA develop a Prostate Cancer Specialist Telenursing Service!

Your heartfelt determination during Dry July has helped raise a remarkable $416,000 for Australia’s first dedicated Prostate Cancer Specialist Telenursing Service.

With thanks to you, the service will give thousands of Australian men access to expert nursing care, just by calling Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

PCFA will also be there for their wives and partners, their sons and daughters – providing the latest information, comfort, and care. Your compassion and kindness speaks to your concern for our community.

Honouring the legacy of a war hero

For 41 year old Bree, losing her dad to prostate cancer was the most devastating moment of her life.

The decorated war hero and accomplished catamaran pilot fought off the disease for nearly two decades, before succumbing to its spread. 

Bree says he will always be missed. 

“Everyone who knew dad would speak of his unwavering positivity and optimism even when fighting such a terrible disease.

“Even when, in January this year, he was told he had months to live, he was still making plans to go to Bathurst in October. His next goal was to meet his next grandchild. He was more optimistic than all of us put together.”

His passing left the family in grief, but more determined than ever to make a difference by giving hope to others.

“I'm going dry again this July to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Last year I did it for my dad. This year I am doing it in his memory, and to help other men and their families when they need it most,” Bree said

“Dad lived life to the fullest, and I’m determined to do the same for him.”

This year, we’re remembering Col as we celebrate Bree’s campaign. He passed away at home on 20 April 2020, and will always be remembered by Bree, her loving mum Pamela, Bree’s four siblings, and eight beautiful grandchildren.

To make a donation and support Bree’s efforts before the end of the month please head to her Dry July profile page . Every dollar that is raised will go to the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse program that supports men across Australia affected prostate cancer. 

Cancer care icon goes Dry for July

Icon Group CEO Mark Middleton has signed up for this year’s National Dry July fundraising campaign, urging others to join him in a non-alcoholic toast to Australia’s future health and happiness.

The successful radiation therapist and business leader will be getting on the wagon in support of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.  

“Over 2000 Aussies have given up alcohol and raised almost $750,000 for PCFA since 2018, providing vital funding for Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses,” Middleton said. 

“As leader of Australia’s largest cancer care provider, I know all too well the impact that prostate cancer has on men's health in Australia and internationally, and I’m proud to play a part in raising awareness and funds for the cause.  

“The Icon business model is built on the premise that people and community come first – giving back is core to our promise.”  

Middleton founded Radiation Oncology Queensland, now part of Icon Group, and is recognised globally for his advocacy through the UICC to ensure cancer care services are available in regional areas as well as the city, a cause connected to his Dry July mission.  

“Men in regional and rural areas of Australia face a 24 per cent higher risk of death from prostate cancer than their mates in the city – a tragic fact we need to change,” he said. 

Under Middleton’s leadership, Icon has grown from 12 to 30 cancer centres Australia-wide, with 50 per cent of its network servicing outer-metro and regional areas.  

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia CEO, Professor Jeff Dunn AO, said Middleton’s efforts were inspiring. 

“Over the course of nearly two decades I’ve seen Mark expand his work to care for more and more Australians affected by cancer,” Dunn said.  

“His deep personal commitment and leadership passion are iconic in every way, contributing to local and global efforts to reduce the global cancer burden. 

“The mark of his character is the fact that he has never forgotten where he came from, or how our loved ones feel when they are confronted by cancer. 

“Every 25 minutes, one of our fathers, brothers, and sons will hear the news he has prostate cancer. Mark’s commitment this Dry July will help to ensure they don’t walk the journey alone.”  

Organisers of the Dry July campaign are hoping more people will get involved, with a new option to go Dry(ish) for 14 or 21 days.  

“Going dry for all 31 days is the only option for me,” Middleton said. 

To help Mark get to his $1,000 target you can donate directly on his fundraising page. 

Dry July funds help Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia support people like Mark and Linda

Mark and Linda's lives were turned upside down when Mark was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“The day the doctor actually said, ‘You have prostate cancer,’ it all became a blur. I didn’t hear a thing that was said after that,” Mark remembers. 

All their plans immediately went out the window and instead they were faced with endless doctors’ appointments, meetings with specialists and deciding on treatment plans. It was so overwhelming. They didn’t know what to do or who to talk to. 

For Mark’s wife Linda and their family, it was difficult to know where to turn for the right treatment. “It was so hard to find information, to know what to do,” Linda said.

Navigating the whole process and working out the correct treatment at such an incredibly emotional time can be overwhelming for men like Mark and their families. It’s an added burden at a time when they’re already struggling to cope.

That’s where a Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia specialist nurse can help. Our nurses understand the fear and grief. They listen and provide informed advice when it’s needed. Most importantly, specialist nurses bring a comforting, human element to what can otherwise feel like a clinical process.