2021 Dry July funds has enabled OCA to implement a number of vital support services for woman affected by ovarian cancer

Your fundraising for Dry July has enabled Ovarian Cancer Australia to implement a raft of support services which encompass psychological, practical and emotional support to people with ovarian cancer.

The psychosocial approach looks at the combined influence that psychological factors and the surrounding social environment have on an individuals physical and mental wellness and their ability to function.

An OCA research collaboration found that psychological and social issues such as fear around the future and feeling isolated rank highly on lists of concerns for people impacted by ovarian cancer.

With your fundraising support Ovarian Cancer Australia can now:

• Add four new roles to our psychosocial support team: a Psychologist, Genetic Counsellor, Bereavement Social Worker, and an Allied Health Assistant to combine with our existing Counsellor and Social Worker

• Continue our Male Partners Program

• Implement a new Exercise and Nutrition Program

These new support services are filling gaps in our existing psychosocial services, enabling us to address areas of need which we know exist but until now have not had the capacity to deliver.

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