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Funds raised this Dry July will help to fund wellness therapies to help people with cancer thrive

About Us

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre is a leading cancer centre that is committed to providing exceptional medical treatment, along with evidence-based wellness and supportive care programs.

Continuing Olivia’s legacy, our goal is to support every person with cancer to have access to wellness programs which treat the mind, body and spirit, by fundraising for Dry July, you are helping to ensure the continuation of wellness and supportive care programs at the ONJ Centre, which are not government funded.

These programs are designed to provide cancer patients with the support, information, and strategies they need throughout their cancer experience. Our programs include oncology massage, art and music therapy, psychology, specialised exercise, individual nursing consultations and information and supportive group programs. Over 11,000 consultations have been provided to our cancer patients in 2023.

Wellness is different for everyone, and no two cancer experiences are the same, which means personalised wellness plans enable patients to feel empowered by having information and choice in decision making at a time when they feel uncertain and lack control in their lives.

Going Dry this July will help ensure patients continue to receive ongoing, essential support from the specialised wellness practitioners so that they thrive through their cancer experience.

Latest Updates

Information and Resource Service at ONJCWC

People with cancer have a strong desire for information. For patients and families, information is key in understanding their diagnosis and prognosis, making treatment decisions, and accessing support services. Sometimes this information is about the cancer itself, and sometimes it is about the consequences of cancer in the family – such as how to discuss a parent’s cancer diagnosis with young children, or how to manage finances while a family member is undergoing treatment.

The cancer information service at ONJCWC works with patients and families to help them find information and resources tailored to their needs. This includes having available a broad selection of reputable written and web-based information, and other resources such as DVD’s. The service also links people with community services and agencies who can provide further support once the patient has left hospital.

Dry July funds will go towards updating resources at this service in 2016.

Counselling Program at Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness Centre

The ONJCWC at Austin Hospital is using funds towards a psychological and emotional support counselling pilot program.

Psychological support for patients with cancer and their carers may be needed at any point in the patient care pathway.

The psychological and emotional counselling support program will provide expertise in diagnosing and treating conditions including anxiety and stress associated with the shock of a cancer diagnosis. It will mean patients and carers can get the right help at the right time. The program will result in reduced distress and promote adjustment in patients and carers, enabling them to enjoy a better quality of life.  

Artist Residency Program

Dry July funds are going towards the establishment of an artist residency program at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness Centre, that will engage patients and carers in creating artwork that is personally meaningful during their stay as an inpatient or while attending the centre as an outpatient.

When patients and carers come into a Cancer Centre they are often anxious, scared and feel isolated from their families and wider community. The artist in residence program will enable them to engage in artistic activities that allow them to relax and engage in their own creativity, to express their feelings, to engage in an activity that distracts them from the rigour of treatment and that connects them with the wider community. Through the arts, people with cancer and their carers are able to find a “safe space” for themselves during what is often a confronting life experience.

One of the highlights of the project was the Art Therapy Brain Cancer Support Group - Mosaic Sculpture, as pictured here.

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