Mums Support Coordinators, Counselling & Connecting made possible thanks to Dry July fundraising

Mummy’s Wish helps manage the distressing burden of cancer on mums and their families by providing practical, tailored support during the entire treatment journey. This support gives the gift of time to mums with cancer so they can focus on what’s most important, being a mum.

Funds raised Mummy’s Wish Dry July supporters will be used to fund Mums Support Coordinators, Connecting & Counselling for Mum’s affected by cancer.

These support coordinators will provide personal support and case management by qualified Mummy's Wish health professionals who not only support but act as an information hub for mums affected by cancer. This ongoing support will include referrals to other support agencies, connection to support groups, Mummy's Wish online community and counselling services for Mums affected by cancer.

Mummy's Wish

$242,589.80 raised

Target: $300,000