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Funds raised this Dry July will help fund free workshops to help with managing the most common physical and psychological impacts of treatment

About Us

Look Good Feel Better is a free, national community service program, run by the Cancer Patients Foundation. The program has been designed to help cancer patients learn practical strategies to manage the physical, psychological and social impacts of cancer treatment. Since the first workshop in Sydney in May 1990, more than 180,000 women, men and teens undergoing cancer treatment across Australia have benefitted from participating.

Three services are offered as part of the Look Good Feel Better program – Face-to-Face workshops, Virtual Workshops and Home-Delivered Confidence Kits. These services have been developed with the purpose of empowering those undergoing cancer treatment by equipping them with the practical skills and knowledge needed to face their cancer diagnosis with confidence.

The Cancer Patients Foundation, responsible for running the Look Good Feel Better program, is an independent not-for-profit organisation, not affiliated with any other cancer charity or support service. With no government funding, the Cancer Patients Foundation relies on the generosity of corporate and community supporters to ensure all Australians have access to the program, free-of-charge.

Latest Updates

Look Good Feel Better can continuing running their confidence boosting program thanks to Dry July fundraising

We are thrilled to let you know that your incredible efforts contributed towards $87,260 being raised to help fund our confidence-boosting program; aiming to teach cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by treatment for any type of cancer.

Your dedication to our cause means that thousands of cancer patients across Australia will have the opportunity to benefit from our Workshops and Home-Delivered Confidence Kits over the next 12 months. Patients like Kerry, who said;

“Going through the cancer journey, so many things are completely out of your control and I’m grateful and hang on to every moment where I feel empowered, strong and happy. Your work has given me a number of these precious moments.”

For 31 years, Look Good Feel Better has empowered Australians undergoing cancer treatment to face their diagnosis with confidence, and our work is only possible because of the generosity of people like you.

Volunteer, Leah, reflects on the importance of Look Good Feel Better classes

Workshop volunteer and Dry July participant, Leah, knows how beneficial Look Good Feel Better workshops are for people living with cancer.

"I have witnessed first-hand women walking into the workshop looking so disheartened and insecure, and leaving with smiles on their faces, wanting to go home and show their loved ones what they learnt and how they feel, and knowing it's ok to smile again."

We are so proud to continue funding this program so that people can face cancer with confidence. 🌟

Find a Look Good Feel Better workshop near you, or join virtually! 👉

Dry July funds will support Look Good Feel Better Workshops and Confidence Kits

Thanks to your Dry July fundraising efforts and dedication to the cause, thousands of cancer patients across Australia will have the opportunity to benefit from our workshops and Home-Delivered Confidence Kits over the next 12 months.

For 30 years, Look Good Feel Better has been helping Australians face cancer with confidence through more than just makeup. As past participant Karen said;

"My deep and sincere gratitude goes to the amazing team who provided our workshop. Volunteers and patients alike all got along and we shared many laughs.

I have to say it was great being in a place where we all undergo treatment of some sort but none of us felt like patients. There was no pity party, only lovely proactive conversation.

My heart went out to several participants who admitted this was the first time they had been able to talk about cancer as they aren’t having discussions with friends and family. What a lovely experience and safe place you have provided!

The volunteers are a fabulous team who are to be commended on their desire for fellow women to feel good about themselves! Thank you.”

Dry July funds help Look Good Feel Better support people like Jodie

Jodie's Story

"I found a lump in my breast in August last year, but to be honest I didn’t take it too seriously. I’m a young mum of two daughters, aged 14 and 10, and I didn’t think people like me, with no family history, got cancer.

When my GP referred me very quickly for a biopsy and further testing I became more concerned, and within four days of my initial check-up I received a breast cancer diagnosis. It completely took the wind out of me. I was shocked, scared and confused. And of course, the biggest question was why me?

As the plans were laid out for my treatment, my breast care nurse told me about the Look Good Feel Better workshops, and I was thrilled at the idea of joining with other women in the same position as me. I knew what was ahead with my chemotherapy and decided to attend early in my treatment to be armed with the tools needed to help me through such a challenging time.

The Look Good Feel Better program is such a valuable tool for women going through cancer treatment. Spending time with the other participants in a safe environment gave me great comfort, as we shared a laugh and some tears together. No one else can understand what you are going through quite like a fellow patient. And the volunteers made me feel so special and valued at a time when I was feeling quite sad and vulnerable. This journey is not an easy road, and the Look Good Feel Better workshops are designed completely with the wellbeing of participants in mind. "

By taking part in Dry July, you are ensuring that the Look Good Feel Better program can continue to support and empower cancer patients at a time when a boost in spirits and confidence is much-needed.

Dry July Foundation funds 420 Look Good Feel Better workshops

Thanks to funds raised from Dry July 2019 campaign, Look Good Feel Better will receive funding for 420 confidence-building workshops.

These workshops cover skincare techniques to address common side-effects like dryness and sun sensitivity; makeup tips to help correct and conceal redness, sallowness, pigmentation and dark circles as well as techniques for drawing on eyebrows; and advice on headwear including scarf styling and wig selection.

Each participant receives a complimentary Confidence Kit full of skincare and make-up products donated by the cosmetic industry, and an instruction booklet to use as tools for application throughout the workshop and for continued use in their own homes.

Participants also benefit from the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation. During the workshops, friendships and additional support networks are formed that can be invaluable during diagnosis and treatment.

Look Good Feel Better workshops are open anyone undergoing treatment for any sort of cancer. In Australia, more than 130,000 people have participated in the program, with approximately 1,000 workshops now running annually in 180 venues nationwide.

The program is managed by a small team of team of staff and relies on the support of 1,300 trained cosmetic, beauty and hairdressing professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to help deliver the workshops across Australia.

With no government funding, the Cancer Patients Foundation relies heavily on the generosity of corporate and community supporters to allow for the Look Good Feel Better service to be provided to cancer patients free-of-charge.

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