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About Us

We are Flinders Foundation.

Each year, Flinders Medical Centre provides around 45,000 appointments for people with cancer and more than 2,500 South Australians are diagnosed with the disease.

Cancer challenges lives, changes dreams and calls for courage. At Flinders Foundation, we are committed to hope and healing, to enhancing cancer outcomes through world-class research and compassionate care that leads to breakthroughs, cures and wellness for people affected by this disease.

By working together with organisations such as the Dry July Foundation, and generous individuals and fundraisers in our community, patients and their families can continue to receive the best treatment, care and support.

By signing up for Dry July and raising funds for Flinders Foundation, you will support the ongoing delivery of life-changing services and programs. Thank you for supporting Flinders Foundation to prevent, cure and care.

Latest Updates

Furnishings for the New FCIC Patient Space

The Dry July Foundation has awarded a grant to Flinders Medical Centre Foundation for furnishings in the (Dry July funded) new patient space on the ground level of the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC). Works for completing the refurbishments to this space are finally underway in the Centre and we look forward to showing you the new space soon!

The grant will be used for the purchase of sofas, armchairs and coffee tables to make patients utilising the space a little more comfortable.

Oncology Massage Program at FCIC

The oncology massage program at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC) will run 2 hours a day x 5 days per week to offer free 20 minute hand and foot relaxation massages to patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. The program will be fully funded by Dry July, until at least early 2017.

Massage has been shown to help relieve anxiety and depression, and enable a patient to relax.

Flinders is one of the busiest public hospitals in South Australia, serving the southern community of Adelaide and the southern region to Mount Gambier as well as patients from Northern Territory. The FCIC Infusion Suite has 12 chairs and two bed bays delivering treatment throughout the week. The unit sees approximately 300 patients, delivering more than 650 chemotherapy infusions, per month. FMC hopes to one day have enough funding to offer the oncology massage program to every patient.

Patient space and library at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

The Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC) opened in 2012 and has brought together out-patient care, cancer prevention and treatment research, clinical trial groups, cancer care coordinators and survivorship services together under the one roof at Flinders.

Due to the large amounts of visitors to the FCIC there is little private and quiet space for patients, carers or their families.

To improve the care of these patients, the Foundation has identified the need to devise easily accessible programs and spaces that patients can utilise when they visit the centre.

Funds from Dry July are being used towards transforming an existing underutilised area into a patient space and library.

Go Dry for cancer patients at Flinders

The Flinders Medical Centre Foundation is calling on South Australians to go booze-free this July to help raise funds to support patients battling cancer at Flinders.

This is the first time that Flinders has been chosen as a beneficiary of Dry July – a national fundraising campaign which has raised over $15 million since 2009 and asks people to give up alcohol for the month of July in support of adults living with cancer.

Flinders University SA Brain Bank Coordinator Robyn Flook knows first-hand what this funding means for patients after battling breast cancer in 2012.

Robyn runs the SA Brain Bank which facilitates the study of brain tissues collected from donors. Scientists from around Australia can access this tissue to further their research into neurological diseases.

This year she is giving back to the FMC Foundation by becoming an ambassador for Dry July, encouraging others to register to help make a difference for patients going through treatment at Flinders.

“Being diagnosed with cancer is daunting, and the treatment can be distressing, but Dry July is helping to make the journey a little less traumatic by raising vital funds to support cancer care services.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2012. What followed was a whirlwind of tests. There were bone scans, blood tests (lots of blood tests) and xrays. Next there was treatment: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  In amongst all this activity, there were emotions to deal with - for me and for my family and friends.

“My journey was made easier because I could have most treatments done at Flinders, close to my home. I had chemotherapy at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer. I had toured the centre when it opened, never knowing I would one day be a patient. My oncology appointments were one floor up from the Infusion Suite. It was a warm, comforting and relaxed environment, which was important during such a difficult time. My son would sit with me during my treatments – every three weeks for a year. Some sessions lasted for four or five hours. I appreciated the calm environment, comfortable treatment chairs, and access to the internet, which all meant my time spent in the cancer centre was not so bad.

“The Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, with the support of the FMC Foundation, provided me with the support I needed -  both medical and emotional - as well as providing those ‘little extras’ that aren’t covered by a stressed health budget, but are so very important to patient well-being. There was advice on keeping well during treatment, support to get a wig before my hair fell out, and a supply of soft and colourful beanies for when the wig was too uncomfortable. I was surprised just how cold a bald head gets in winter!

“I finished all treatments last September; what a happy day that was. I continue to enjoy every moment of life – and I hope and expect to enjoy many more years as a cancer survivor.

“Thank you Dry July, and all those who support this fun but important campaign that is helping make cancer treatment a little easier to endure.”

To sign up for Flinders please visit and choose Flinders as your beneficiary.


For anyone who doesn’t drink, you can choose to give up something else for the month of July – it could be coffee, chocolate, sugar, social media – whatever your vice is!

If you can’t participate this year, you can also make a donation to support Robyn or Team Flinders to support vital cancer services at Flinders.

The FMC Foundation hopes to raise much-need funds to grow cancer care programs at Flinders, such as oncology massage, a stress management program, ward equipment and survivorship services.


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