Dry July Foundation has started distributing funds raised from 2019 Dry July campaign

We’re thrilled to announce the initial projects being funded from Dry July fundraising in 2019. 

The following funding has been awarded to our major beneficiaries and campaign beneficiaries, and additional funding will be distributed to successful applicants of the Dry July Foundation Grant Program in November.  

Major Beneficiaries

Cancer Council 

Dry July funding will go towards the national 13 11 20 support line service. A confidential cancer information and support phone line, run by experienced Cancer Nurses, connecting Aussie cancer patients and their families to resources and services.

Leukaemia Foundation 

This year, funds raised during Dry July will directly support the Leukaemia Foundation’s National Transport to Treatment Program. For people living with blood cancer, getting to and from hospital for treatment can be an extra burden at an already stressful time. Especially for those who have already relocated from rural or remote areas for cancer treatments, who don’t have any other means of transport, or who have limited finances.

Look Good Feel Better 

2019 funds will allow for 420 Look Good Feel Better workshops, dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by treatment for any type of cancer.

McGrath Foundation 

Dry July funds in 2019 will go towards funding the McGrath Breast Care Nurse program, which provides invaluable support and care to women and men experiencing breast cancer.

Funding will go towards 4 nurses based in Albury/Wodonga VIC, Frankston VIC, Gatton QLD and Sunshine Coast QLD, and 2 part-time nurses based in Port Augusta SA and Kalgoorlie WA

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia 

Dry July funds will support Australian men with life changing support from a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse (PCSN), being there to support patients with any health and emotional challenges during (and after) their treatment. Funds from 2019 will allow for a 3 year contract for a PCSN in Queensland.


No matter where in Australia a young person is treated or lives, Redkite’s professional support team is available for them and their families to give counselling, financial assistance for travel to and from hospital, cover rent and food, along with educational and career support.

Funds from Dry July 2019 will go towards Redkite’s Cancer Journey Program for Young People, and co-funding of Diagnosis Support Packs for Young People.

Campaign Beneficiaries 

Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre, VIC 

• Continuation of wellness program including massage, yoga, Art Therapy, Financial Counselling, Shiatsu, Mindfulness, Delta Dog visits, Reiki and more

Barwon Health's Andrew Love Cancer Centre, Geelong, VIC 

• Wellness Lounge programs and patient comfort items: art therapy; exercise therapy, iPads, blankets, cushions, headphones

• Assistance for Ba-Lee Lodge renovation - repainting 5 Self Contained Apartments

Bendigo Health, VIC

• Dry July Wellness Program at Bendigo Health's Cancer Centre

Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital, NSW

• Ward 5B (Oncology ward)

o Communication Boards: Dry wipe boards to help non-verbal (Tracheotomy) patients communicate with doctors, nurses, family and friends while staying on the ward

o Comfort care items for patients to make their stay on the ward more comfortable, including rechargeable hand held fans, eye masks and ear plugs

• Ward 5C (Haematology Ward)

o General Equipment for the ward: Comfort furniture and furnishings - leg rests/cushions/wedges/fans etc.

o Bariatric Equipment: Seeing an increase in demand and loan pool often out of stock of general equipment for larger patients

o 1 x Portable O2 Concentrator Pack: Portable oxygen so patients can move around/sit outside with visitors etc.

o 2 x SAM Overlay Mattresses

o 1 x TIS Electric Mobile Shower Commode

o 5 x fully positional specialist electric patient chairs

• Blanket Warmer for the Melanoma Unit

• 5 x treatment chairs for the Day Treatment Centre: New chemotherapy chairs to replace older style that are worn out. New chairs have silica upholstery and built in multimedia platform.

Central Coast LHD – CoastCanCare, NSW

• Ongoing Funding for CoastCanCare wellness program for the Central Coast

CoastCanCare provides information, education and support programs for patients and carers to develop skills for coping with a cancer diagnosis, treatments and treatment side effects, such as fatigue, pain and anxiety. Many of the CoastCanCare programs focus on reducing anxiety and stress and is a great space for patients and carers to connect with and support each other. Those attending the Program are then better equipped to stick with their treatment plan with the best possible outcomes... and to manage their health and well-being at the end of their care.

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, NSW

• Gym Garden: Build a small garden outside gym window

• Speech Pathology Tools to relieve anxiety in tracheotomy patients. The tracheostomy model can demo how the procedures are performed

• New Yoga Equipment

• Connect Pods for Clinics: 6 workspace 'pods' including computers connected to the internet so that patients can work/ stay connected whilst in hospital

• Bladder scanner

• Commodes and shower chairs for patient rooms and visitor chairs for Level 9 south

• Maintenance of Patient Transport: Keeping the Transport to Treatment service going, to help patients get to can from treatment and appointments

• Physiotherapist Rehab Equipment: Fortress mobile posture mirror, Fortress Rolling platform step and ankle weights

• Charging Stations for Waiting Rooms, to help keep patients devices fully charged so they can stay connected with family and friends during treatment

• Continued Complementary Inpatient Program: Ongoing Massage/reflexology program for patients or carers

• Ongoing funding for Arterie Carterie Art Therapy Program

• Lymphoedema Management Program: Lymphoedema drainage massage, laser therapy, exercise and acupuncture services for patients with Lymphoedema

Flinders Foundation, SA

• Arts in Health services as part of the Cancer Wellness Program at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre, NSW

• Funding from Dry July continues to support the Wellness Centre at Liverpool Hospital. Wellness Programs offered at the centre include Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, acupuncture, cooking, gardening, zumba, and exercise physiology.

• Purchase and installation of 20 Free to Air TV's for Palliative Care Ward (currently, patients in palliative care have to pay a daily rate for access to free-to-air TV)

Mater Cancer Care Centre, Brisbane, QLD

• Return to Wellness Program: High risk breast cancer women having all treatments will be able to access a guided exercise program (once or twice a week) with a Physiotherapist and Breast Care Nurse

Nepean Cancer Centre, Penrith, NSW

• Refurbishment Blood Collection room including patching, painting of mural and installing shelving

• Radiotherapy Patient Gowns for make patients more comfortable during their treatment

• Urinalysis machine and 2 x observation machines to improve care for inpatients

• Body composition analyser for patients, to detect whether early intervention is required from Allied Health professionals

• Body Fluid Analyser for breast patients to help prevent Lymphoedema (swelling of certain parts of the body)

• Nikki Pumps, a mobile automated drug delivery system which enables palliative care at home

• Specialist seating for with cushions that mold to patient who will be sat for long periods for Stem Cell Infusion

• Installation of a hand painted mural to enhance the patient waiting room

North West Cancer Centre, Tamworth, NSW

• Mobile lymphoedema/remedial massage therapist and physiotherapist for house bound patients in New England North West area. This service helps improve access to Lymphoedema Services for patients

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, VIC

• Exercise Physiologists at the ONJ Centre Wellness Gym, allowing the gym to increase hours to meet demand (currently 41 patients on wait list)

• Cancer Information and Resource Service

• Continued funding for the Oncology Massage Program

Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, QLD

• Purchase of computers for patient computer hub, for patients to access latest information and keep connected whilst attending appointments

• Patient refreshment area

• Pet Therapy Program

• Kitchen Renovation and introduction of nutrition and cooking classes

Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW

• Continuation of CanSupport program including relaxation and meditation; wig library and cancer support programs.

Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre, NSW

• Wellness Activities including Yoga, Tai Chi and massage

• Art and our community: Commission of local indigenous artist to produce bespoke artwork for the centre

• Enhancements to Patient Accommodation: Purchase of comfort items at the Shoalhaven Cancer Accommodation Centre - iPads, Coffee machines, pots, pans and sandwich press

• While You're Here Project: Magazine subscriptions and entertainment packs for children

Solaris Cancer Care, WA

• Production of booklets outlining services available at Solaris Cancer Centres.

• Patient Education Seminars - Specific and detailed education and information to cancer patients

• Exercise & complementary therapies

• Implementing an ongoing program of guided meditation through drumming

• Purchase of oils, creams, disposable head sheets for massage therapy.

• Counselling Services

St Vincent's Hospital Sydney, NSW

• BMT Ward Family Room & Wellbeing Programs - Purchase of iPads, gaming consoles plus various group sessions (meditation/art therapy/massage and reflexology)

• Group Wellbeing Programs in 2020 - 2 x 8 week Meditation and Mindfulness programs; 8 x Art Therapy 2 hour workshops and 3 x 6 week Yoga programs.

• Lymphoedema Management - Lymphoedema drainage massage therapist

St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, VIC

• Christmas decorations for Cancer Centre, 6th Floor Oncology - hire and installation of professional Christmas Decorations

• Daily Newspapers for waiting areas

• Fresh Flowers weekly in waiting areas

• Android & Apple device chargers - purchase of chargers as patients often forget to bring their own

• Special treat for the patients: Tim Tams, Carman's Muesli Bars, No Sugar Soft Drink, Luxury Tea Bags

• Exercise Equipment - purchase of hand weights, exercise mats and stretch bands

• Basic over-ear headphones - for patients in multi-bed rooms

• Reusable waterproof covers for PICCs - More comfortable than waterproof taping

• Eyemasks and earplugs to block out surrounding ward noise and light, and enable rest during treatment

• Aromatherapy Oils and Diffusers to provide a more calming and relaxing atmosphere

• New artwork for Ward 6 West

• Kids toys for 6 west 'common room' to entertain children and enable adults to catch up

• Art Supplies for the patient art room for Art Therapy

• New faux plants for sunroom & common rooms on the 6th floor

• Document Holders at each patient’s bedside in the cancer centre, to reduce loose paper and give patients somewhere to store relevant pamphlets and information

The Alfred, Melbourne, VIC

• Expansion of the music therapy program from two days to three days

• Instruments for the music therapy program - Purchase of guitar, keyboard and iPad for patients to use during music therapy sessions

The Canberra Hospital, ACT

• Purchase of specialist chairs/pods that convert into beds with movable/breathable shade/cover that prevents noise and light penetration. Sleep Pods use psychoacoustic techniques to promote relaxation and sleep. These are for use by rural and regional patients that travel and need rest during treatment.

The Prince of Wales Hospital, NSW

• Cancer Survivorship Garden – Creating a beautiful, calming environment for the newly developed Cancer Survivorship Centre

The Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC

• Electronic Equipment Package - Purchase 3 x iPads and 5 cx Portable Combination Digital Radio/CD players

• Complimentary Hospital TV Rental - Ongoing rental of TV System in Palliative Care

• Platelet Incubator - Prevents wastage as once platelets dispensed from blood bank they cannot be returned

• General Equacel pressure relieving cushions

• Sara Steady Standing Hoist and iPad for speech pathology to assist ward based rehab, to speed recovery before rehab sessions

• BOSE Soundlink Bluetooth speaker to play music on the ward

• iPad for patient admission, to aid head and neck liaison nurse with visual resources

• iPad to email wound process photos so that patients can email wound progress photos

• Purchase Post Op Care Packages for 100 head and neck cancer patients

• Palliative Care Garden - Faux turf and plants for external 'balcony' area outside palliative care windows

The Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Support Centre, QLD

• Women’s intra and post treatment exercise program

• Men’s intra and post treatment exercise program

Wollongong Hospital, NSW

• “While You’re Here”: Reading Materials in Patient Waiting Areas, “Busy nipper packs” to entertain children, Calm Colouring packs and Spotify account for radiation treatment area

• 2019/20 Survivorship and Mindfulness Program

• “Wollongong Strong” Patient Portrait Series Art Exhibition of portraits of previous cancer patients and support staff

• Reinvigorate Our Space - Oncology Day Centre Waiting Area - ICCC - Continuation of Refreshing our Patient Spaces Adding an extra space to the ongoing project.

Dry July Foundation

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