Thank You, CoastCanCare

“I was overwhelmed with the positive impact this program is having on me and my family’s life.  I’ve been through two lots of cancer……….I’d lost interest in life and the continual struggle to survive.  

I’m so grateful for the wonderful support, practical information and actions. It has totally transformed my life.  I’m now planning for my future and am writing ‘to do’ list:  ticking each one off at a time.  I feel more in control of my life, my future.   

I only wish I had attended earlier.  When unwell, putting energy into anything else seems impossible or even pointless.  The courses were just perfect and gave the exact amount of information – neither too much nor too little.  The presenters were professional, sensitive and gave practical, life-saving information.  I particularly appreciated Sue McConaghey’s approach and Vanessa’s music therapy just grabbed me at another level.  Understanding opiate drugs for pain management helped me accept and use them appropriately.  The importance of staying motivated to exercise in the recovery process was another life saver.  The fact it was free, helped our situation incredibly.

My partner and I wish to thank you………for your generosity, magnificent contribution and deep thoughtfulness in providing the Wellness Program - you have put colour, music and magic back into our lives.”

S.L. & P.L 

Central Coast LHD - CoastCanCare

$3,035.89 raised

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