Patients showing visible and enthusiastic relief thanks to your 2022 Dry July funds

The Occupational Therapy (OT) Department continues to provide a valuable and free Oncology Loan Pool service to all patients receiving oncology or haematology treatment at Calvary Mater Newcastle.

In 2022, the Oncology Loan Pool was able to assist 332 people living with cancer thanks to the generous support of Dry July funding.

The department’s extensive loan pool includes nearly 900 items and has expanded its range to include over 90 different styles. Having these items gives OT staff the opportunity to trial equipment to find the most comfortable and appropriate way to support patients’ independence, avoiding delays and costly home modifications. 

Donna Waldron, Occupational Therapy Technical Assistant, says, “Our patients are consistently very grateful for the provision of equipment from the Oncology Loan Pool to assist in their discharge home or support them to remain at home. They are also pleasantly surprised we are able to offer this as a free service, with the contributions we have received from Dry July funding. Undergoing treatment and recovery from cancer can be a financially challenging time, and having access to the free Oncology Loan Pool assists in alleviating some of this burden.

Donna continues, “In Radiation Oncology outpatients it is almost weekly that you get to witness the visible and enthusiastic relief that patients feel when provided with pressure care and comfort equipment, particularly to off-load tender and vulnerable treatment areas. Many patients report that it has allowed them to more comfortably manage the trip to treatment.”

One such patient that has been provided with a range of Oncology Loan Pool equipment, including a wheelchair and pressure reducing cushion, comments, “I am using quite a few bits and it has all been very useful. The equipment makes it easier and helps make things more accessible. I think this is a very good thing to have for people to access.”

Another patient who is over the moon about their Oncology Loan Pool items said, “The cushion is bloody marvellous, I haven’t been comfortable for months and I’d tried everything. I use it to sit and can also get comfortable in bed now. It’s amazing.” 

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