Dry July 2019 funds support Wellness Lounge Programs and Patient Comfort Items

Dry July Foundation is proud to support Barwon Health's Andrew Love Cancer Centre (ALCC) with funds raised from Dry July 2019.

This includes the continuation of the Wellness Lounge Programs, such as Art Therapy and Exercise Therapy.

Art therapy allows patients to benefit from the emotional outlet of art. The art is something positive for bedridden patients to focus on and allows them to step outside the clinical aspect of hospital admissions. Outpatient art therapy provides a social and expressive distraction therapy for cancer patients and their carers while dealing with the impact of this disease  

Exercise therapy is supported by the clinicians and is in line with current research into best practice cancer care. Patients are encouraged to engage in physical activity as soon as possible following diagnosis with programs tailored to the individual’s ability. Providing this service during in-patient stays sets the benchmark for ongoing activity throughout the cancer experience. Improvements reported by COSA include decreased severity of treatment side-effects, decreased cancer related fatigue and psychological distress.

2019 Dry July funds will also go towards Patient comfort items. This may includes iPads for entertainment while waiting, comfortable furniture, blankets, cushions, music performances, headphones for quiet contemplation, support events for patients in our accommodation units, new wig library items, morning teas, vegie garden bed refresh, mindfulness activities, hand and foot massage oils and complementary therapy events.

Feedback from patients at ALCC indicates the value of “stopping” in the Wellness Lounge. This can be for long waits for the doctor or treatment or to regroup and recover before driving home. Patients often drop in for no reason other than to absorb the quiet and reflective environment. Providing these extra touches will improve that experience with the best we can offer in terms of time out, distraction and engagement.

The wellness lounge activity is not government funded and relies on donors and Dry July Foundation to ensure these vital programs go ahead.

The Andrew Love Cancer Centre Wellness Lounge was officially opened on 5 March. Pictured: The Hon Sarah Henderson MP unveils a plaque to open the Andrew Love Cancer Centre Wellness Lounge with Christine Corby and Phil Stammers.

Barwon Health's Andrew Love Cancer Centre, Geelong

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