The Royal Melbourne Hospital benefits from Dry July 2021 fundraising

Your incredible Dry July fundraising efforts have enabled The Royal Melbourne Hospital to purchase items for:

• Turnco Sence Power Recliners – this will enable head and neck patients to sit comfortably out of bed and encourage them to get moving;

• Axis Health Avalo Treatment Carts – purpose-built trolleys would mean we are more efficient at attending to our cancer patients pathology testing causing less anxiety to our patients and reducing waiting times;

• Head & Neck Post Op Nurture Packages – patients will be able to use products at home to alleviate the side effects of head & neck cancer such as dry mouth, scarring of the face and neck and aid healing of donor sites used for reconstructions;

• Building on Portable Studio & Therapeutic Songwriting program for cancer patients –equipment for music therapy will provide virtual guided relaxation sessions to keep cancer patients connected and relieve anxiety;

• Tilt in space breezy relax wheelchair – this allows patients who are severely deconditioned and weak to sit out of bed safely, when a standard high back chair or wheelchair would not be supportive enough. This facilitates increased alertness, increased activation of postural muscles and prevents respiratory complications;

• Sleeper Chairs – providing close family members / carers with quality sleeping condition which improves communication, interactions, mood and understanding. This will significantly impact patient well-being as well as improve the quality, experience and outcome of patient care;

• Enhanced recovery after surgery project – providing carbohydrate drinks which will optimize nutrition for head and neck patients by attenuating insulin resistance and minimize protein losses.

On behalf of all the patients and staff at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, and our amazing ambassadors Kelly O’Sullivan and Rory Sweet, we would like to thank you for your support and contribution to making a positive difference in the lives of people affected by cancer.