A Few Dreamers

Dreams2Live4 is a committee of the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation and has been developed to help patients with metastatic cancer realise their dreams. 

Below are three dreams that have come true, thanks to Dry July funding.

Gareth’s Honeymoon

Gareth was 22 when he married his childhood sweetheart. His special dream was to plan a memorable honeymoon. He worked with the dedicated team at Dreams2Live4 to plan his honeymoon on Hamilton Island for a week. Due to an escalation in his illness he was unable to go. Fortunately, at the last moment Dreams2Live4 were able to change his travel plans and he and his wife enjoyed their honeymoon in Byron Bay. Gareth, through all his disappointments, has gained so much joy from planning this time for himself and his new wife. He felt that his fiancée had done so much for him so his dream was to plan and organise the honeymoon. It was something he could do for her, and with the help of Dreams2Live4 it became possible.

“I hate it when you can’t get to sleep. I don’t know if I’m sick of being in hospital or if I’m too excited for this extra long weekend and the weeks honeymoon with my beautiful wife in Byron Bay. So much to be happy about with my life at the moment. I feel sorry for anyone that isn’t happy. But happiness isn’t just given out to people, you have to know what will make you happy and work every day and every hour and every minute and every second to be happy. Because at the end of the day what is a life without happiness. Don’t ask me I wouldn’t know… two more sleeps until I marry the love of my life.”

Georgies Dream Holiday Sailing the Whitsundays

Two amazing kids, a devoted wife and her own creative business. She also has metastatic cancer. The ongoing struggle is draining on the young family.“It is a like a pressure cooker. I can’t work but we still have a mortgage, hospital costs and our world is crumbling apart. We really need a chance to get away and recharge ourselves and each other. But a holiday is a luxury we just can’t afford anymore.”Dreams2Live4 organised for Georgie’s dream to come true.“We are back from our holiday and had the most wonderful time. We had perfect weather, smooth sailing and great snorkelling. It was tremendously relaxing and we felt like we caught up with ourselves after a very stressful time. Thank you for all the coordination and bookings and many thanks to Dreams2Live4 for funding us.”

Gabrielle’s Wedding Dream

Gabrielle’s dream was to marry her soul mate, and father of her two sons, at her dream wedding in Palm Beach. The battle to fight the breast cancer which had spread to Gabrielle’s lungs had wrought an enormous toll on the young family.

“Fighting cancer is an overwhelming and consuming battle. However In the midst of it we were given an opportunity to let love, hope and excitement in. I think this wedding was so beautiful because so many people gave so much of themselves to make it happen. People who have never met me wanted to help”said Gabrielle.“It was the most amazing day. You could feel the love and support from all our family and friends. A true celebration of love and life. I want to thank everyone, especially Dreams2Live4, who gave my family such wonderful memories. It has shown my boys that dreams really do come true and the world is full of good people.”

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