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No one is ever prepared for cancer, but The Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Support Centre helps Queenslanders through the emotional turmoil and difficult decision making process following a diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond, as well as focusing on wellness after cancer. Our unique programs aim to improve your quality of life and are available to both men and women regardless of where you receive treatment.

The Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Support Centre, or Choices, is a free community service operated under The Wesley Hospital. Working within an interdisciplinary team from The Wesley Hospital, Choices provide a blend of clinical expertise, specialist peer support, complementary therapies, education and awareness to comprehensively support people with cancer, their family and friends.

To find out more please call us on 1800 227 27, email us on: [email protected] or drop in to our centre located at The Wesley Hospital.

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Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Centre thanks Australian Bitters

The Uniting Care Queensland would like to send a big thank you to Australian Bitters for supplying us with product so we could produce some delicious mocktails during our Dry July campaign!

Choices - Uniting Care Queensland's Team

The Uniting Care Queensland team are on board for this year’s Dry July! Who’s with us!? Show your support by signing up to the challenge and in turn you will be helping people facing cancer. You can sign up today at Thanks in advance for your help! 

Pauline's story

Choices Cancer Support program is pleased to announce we are included as a new beneficiary for the Dry July campaign. Below is Pauline’s story which demonstrates the integrated programs of Choices and the ways it supports Queenslanders facing cancer.

Why choose the Wesley’s Choices Cancer Support Centre?

Prior to my diagnosis, I had worked to help others in the Choices programs for many years, with Kim Walters Foundation and Think Pink. Choices, offered me the choices I needed to get me through this ‘Journey’…

 I was 41 when my doctor said those words (that echo as much today as on that day) “You have breast cancer”, that was 11th June 2013. I am very lucky to have an extremely supportive husband and two beautiful, then pre-teen children. I didn’t want to worry my family any more than they already were, with all my anxieties and fears - I knew I needed to find external support. Support that I could rely on, to not only provide me, but my family with the backing we needed. The Wesley Choices Support Program was that life line, I needed to feel somewhat normal - the ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ workshop and free wig hire services helped to provide me with the external resources; I needed understanding and a place to escape – the peer support network was always there with a comforting ear; and, the information events – all have been priceless.

Pauline Sinclair – breast cancer survivor

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