Your support will allow Wesley Hospital to continue to provide Wellness after Cancer Programs

My name is Sue Bohler. I was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in late 2018. This is when my path crossed with the Wesley Choices team.

Choices, my amazing husband and beautiful daughter support me through some of my darkest days. Achieving lasting lifestyle changes can be challenging at the best of times.

Throw COVID-19 into the mix and it’s terrifying and just plain scary. The addition of COVID-19 has a significant impact on my cancer experience. You are super sensitive to your surrounds and see everything as a threat to your wellbeing. Cancer has to take a back seat so you can deal with coronavirus. It happened so quickly and you can’t catch your breath.

Everything literally stopped and I found myself disconnected from life, friends and family. My silver lining during the pandemic is Choices.

Choices quickly reached out and organised zoom group events. It has been fantastic and to be honest a lifeline. Attending the Women’s Cancer Wellness Program, I can reconnect and focus on health and living; managing the concerns during and after treatment helps take back control of your life. We also look at steps on how to navigate through difficult times and cope with stress, fatigue, sleep, COVID-19 and dealing with anxiety.

I have made some amazing friends and if it wasn’t for zoom, I’d hate to think what my head space looked like.

The Choices Zoom Support Groups has been fundamental in keeping sane perspectives in the face of insane situations.

The Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Support Centre