Daniel's Story

“Finding Debbie and the STEEL Program has changed my life." 

After being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in February 2020 and requiring a bone marrow transplant in August 2020, I lost my confidence and sense of self. The thought of getting back into shape on my own was a terrifying one. I didn’t know where to start and was nervous to work out. I was concerned that the muscle loss I suffered due to treatment would mean I no longer had the foundations to attempt exercises I’d done many times before getting ill.

Thankfully I came across a post on one of the Leukaemia Group pages I follow where someone was sharing the fact that they’d come across the PINC and STEEL program in Sydney.

With Google’s help I came across a site that listed all the accredited PINC and STEEL trainers in each state. This is how I found Debbie and the Body Moves team! With Debbie’s help I saw a rapid change in both my ability and confidence.

After working together 1-on-1 for a couple of months I felt strong enough to join the group Next Steps sessions. My confidence now has completely returned. Debbie’s kindness, attention to detail and her knowledge of working with people who are dealing with cancer is priceless. I’m so happy to have met Debbie and the entire Body Moves team. My sessions with them are a highlight of my week.” Daniel.

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