Every dollar you raise for the ONJ Centre truly makes a world of difference to the lives of people living with cancer

Diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome in 2016, Lori Crupi’s treatments, unfortunately, stopped being effective and she was left with one last option to save her life - a stem cell transplant. A drastic treatment where all the bone marrow cells in her body had to be destroyed and replaced with healthy donor bone marrow cells, Lori needed to build up her fitness before she could qualify for this treatment.

“My body was tired and frail. By beginning a special exercise program, I could take control over my physical strength. I could build it up to a point where I would be strong enough to have my life-saving stem cell transplant. My exercise program in the Wellness Gym was the turning point for me. It gave me new physical and mental strength, giving me and my family hope. I felt less tired. I felt safe in the expert care of specialist oncology exercise physiologists. It became my happy place, a place where I could feel some control over my cancer and hope for my future. It opened up my last treatment option – a stem cell transplant.” - Lori Crupi

Penelope Sandersson, Divisional Manager Integrated Cancer Services, has seen first hand the impacts of the funds raised for Lori and so many other patients. "Funding from Dry July has made a big difference for the Wellness centre. Facilities like the on-site exercise gym literally changes people's lives and makes things that seem impossible, possible," Penny says.

Thank you for your support this July, we are so grateful!

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