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Dry July 2016 funding will go towards continuing the Carterie program at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, and toward an entertainment package for young adult patients.

Lifehouse's Arterie art therapy program supports the centre's holistic approach to cancer patient care through an innovative participatory arts program. Arterie’s mission is to improve outcomes for patients, families, carers, staff and visitors by easing the side effects of cancer and its treatment (stress, pain, fatigue, isolation and depression) as well as providing a therapeutic distraction from treatment through art engagement and participation. Carterie  is a mobile art studio manned by Lifehouse volunteers with pre-packaged activities considered and designed around neuropathy, fatigue and nausea that are delivered one to one during waiting and treatment. Costs covered by Dry July include displays, mobile trays and art materials. Carteries house up to 10 art/craft projects each term and the design, innovation, research and invention of new projects is ongoing.

Young adult patients' feedback has resulted in a request for individual CD players with a range of mindful meditation and relaxation CDs to help them cope with long chemo treatment. Audio books on CD provide an excellent way to escape from the reality of treatment and recovery. Kindles with pre-loaded books may also be provided. The idea is to be able to provide a comprehensive “entertainment” package to allow some respite from the long waits and even longer treatment times.

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