Bowel Cancer Australia is able to extend their Bowel Cancer Stories, providing much needed support for people affected by bowel cancer

Bowel Cancer Australia is committed to supporting individuals and their families through all stages of their journey, working hard to ensure every bowel cancer patient receives the support they need.

Talking to and reading about the experiences of another person who has been through bowel cancer, or who is going through a similar situation, can be enormously valuable and reassuring.

A key element of Bowel Cancer Australia’s Peer-to-Peer Support Network and dynamic awareness campaigns is the writing and sharing of one’s personal story.

Not only are there proven benefits to emotional wellbeing in taking the time to write about your experiences, reading about the experience of others can also be incredibly beneficial. Assisting patients with making difficult decisions during their treatment, offering hope and solace.

We call these ‘Lived Experience Stories’.

Thanks to a grant from the Dry July Foundation in 2019-20, Bowel Cancer Australia has been able to expand upon our Bowel Cancer Stories and create a series of seven Lived-Experience booklets.

The booklets have been designed specifically for people who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer, their family and friends. Offering insight into how bowel cancer can affect your body, emotions, relationships and daily life, through the personal experiences of others diagnosed with the disease and their loved ones.

A very warm thank you to the Dry July Foundation and all the passionate Bowel Cancer Awareness Advocates who have shared their empowering lived experiences for these unique booklets - helping to raise much needed awareness, support people living with or beyond bowel cancer and their loved ones, and to encourage others to share their personal stories too.

See the Lived Experiences booklets here:

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