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By choosing the Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network (which covers Royal North Shore, Hornsby, Ryde and Mona Vale Hospitals) as your beneficiary, you’ll be supporting people with cancer who visit our centre for treatment from across NSW.

In 2019, the Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network hopes to continue its “Patient Wellbeing Program” which supports patients and their loved ones affected by cancer across the Northern Sydney region. This essential program supports wellbeing before, during and after cancer treatment.

The program includes:
• Help to manage the side effects of cancer treatment, such as hair loss, through our Wig Library;
• Quick access to financial assistance to help with the costs of treatment;
• Relaxation and meditation classes;
• Supportive care with the treating team that they know and trust.

Your generosity will help ensure our patients have ongoing access to quality local support. We treat people from all over NSW and rely solely on donations to provide these important programs.

We need your help to keep them going so please sign up for Dry July in 2019 and choose Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network as your beneficiary!

Latest Updates

Relaxation and Meditation Program at Royal North Shore Hospital

The Relaxation and Meditation program has been funded by Dry July for people with cancer and their carers who live within the Northern Sydney region. The program is run weekly during the school term at The Dougherty Centre in Chatswood. The program is delivered off-site from Northern Sydney Cancer Centre to maximise the opportunity to ‘switch-off’ from the treatment environment. 

The program is an open group that allows participants to attend when they can due to the impact of treatment, appointments and other commitments. The program is run by a Satyananda Yoga Teacher, who is also a qualified Social Worker and Nurse. 

The program provides education and support for participants to:

Relax and release tension 

Cope better emotionally and mentally 

Reduce stress and anxiety 

Help alleviate sleeping difficulties, pain,  fatigue and nausea. 

In commencing the program, participants hoped to gain the following from the program: peace of mind, help with sleep, relaxation skills, improved health and physical wellbeing, management of side effects including pain.

Support for Patients and Families at Royal North Shore Hospital

Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney is using Dry July funds to expand programs which offer support to both patients and their families, with expanded accommodation and transport projects in the works for 2016.

Funds from Dry July have also gone towards the hospital’s Can Support program in previous years and will help to expand this program across the Northern Sydney Local Health District in 2016. The program offers cancer information resources and support to patients from across Northern Sydney.

Sky ceilings at Royal North Shore Hospital

Royal North Shore Hospital has been able to install sky ceilings in the radiotherapy bunkers at the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre using money from Dry July.

Installing Sky Ceilings makes an intimidating medical equipment a little more welcoming. It creates a positive, patient friendly environment. The patient experience is enhanced through these surroundings; it also helps the caregiver, nurse and doctor because patients are more cooperative. Art on dropped ceiling tiles and wall murals in healthcare settings has been proven to lower blood pressure, speed up recovery times and reduce overall stress and anxiety in patients.

Murals at Royal North Shore Hospital

Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney recently completed installation of eight large photographic murals designed and produced for the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Radiotherapy. The right to use the images was kindly donated by the local photographers and the work sponsored by Dry July. The material used is very special, offering anti-bacterial and microbial MRSA protection.

Activity Bags for Children

Dry July supports adult cancer patients and their families. Royal North Shore Hospital has used funds to ensure children attending appointments with their parents are kept busy and distracted.

The children who came to Northern Sydney Cancer Centre were pleasantly surprised with the activities bags. They contained colouring pencils and books, children’s story and picture books, an origami crane together with paper and instructions to make another one, and a soft toy.

“The activities bags went like hot cakes” said the receptionist. “It would be really good to be able to have more activities bags.”