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Our mission: A Future Free from Blood Cancer

Every year, more than 17,000 Australians will be newly diagnosed with blood cancer such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. This means 47 people every day or one person every 31 minutes. 

It can happen to anyone – of any age – at any time.

When combined, blood cancers are now the second most diagnosed cancers in Australia, and the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths in the country.

When hearing the words ‘you have blood cancer’, it can be nearly impossible to know where to turn.

This is where – with your help – a Leukaemia Foundation Blood Cancer Support Coordinator steps in.

These special support workers are there to ensure all Australians diagnosed with blood cancer are supported through every scary, uncertain moment that follows a diagnosis.

Whether it’s a friendly face or voice to turn to for someone newly diagnosed, or information about treatment and side effects, Blood Cancer Support Coordinators are there every step of the way providing precious relief, guidance and a helping hand at every turn.

This year, your Dry July fundraising will directly fund the work of the Leukaemia Foundation’s Blood Cancer Support team across Australia.

Go dry and help cure and conquer every blood cancer.

Latest Updates

Thanks to Dry July 2021 participants, Leukaemia Foundation can continue to fund their Blood Cancer Support Coordinators

Your fundraising for Dry July has enabled the Leukaemia Foundation’s Blood Cancer Support Coordinators to continue their amazing work helping the 50 Australians diagnosed with blood cancer each and every day.

These big-hearted heroes are on the front line providing precious relief and guidance to those who need it most when navigating a blood cancer diagnosis.

On behalf of all patients and the entire Leukaemia Foundation, thank you for your support and contribution to making a positive difference in the lives of people living with blood cancer.

Your fundrasing has helped Leukaemia Foundation support people like Courtney

30 year old Courtney was used to living a very active lifestyle going to CrossFit, playing football and working as a prison officer before she started noticing changes to her physical health in mid-2019. Struggling to run and feeling quickly fatigued, Courtney wasn't feeling her usual self.

After a visit to the doctor followed by multiple tests, Courtney was diagnosed with FLT3-mutated acute myeloid leukaemia and began chemotherapy immediately.

Living in Bega, a small country town in southern New South Wales, the closest treatment facility was Canberra Hospital; a three-hour drive away from home.

During her treatment, Courtney’s family called Leukaemia Foundation's John James Village home where they were given a unit free-of-charge.

“We didn’t know anybody in Canberra and would’ve been completely lost without that support,” said Courtney.

Read Courtney's full story here: 

Dry July funds help the Leukaemia Foundation support families like the Andersons.

In March last year, 11-year-old Cooper was diagnosed with blood cancer. This diagnosis was nothing short of heartbreaking for both Cooper and his family. With great support and successful initial treatment, Cooper thankfully reached remission months later. 🥰

For those of you who watched our Dry July leaderboard closely last year, you might have come across Cooper's parents, Mel & Mark Anderson. As self-proclaimed fundraising novices, the pair set themselves a $1,000 goal, and by the end of July, they'd raised an incredible $30,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation - how amazing is that!  

The Leukaemia Foundation is using Dry July fundraising to support their Blood Cancer Support Coordinators, who help families navigate the health system, share vital information to understand a diagnosis, and help access important services like accommodation close to life-saving treatment.  

It's stories of strength and resilience like the Anderson's that inspire us to make Dry July bigger and better each year - we can't wait to support more people affected by cancer in 2021. ❤️ 

Blood Cancer Support Coordinator, Sheila, provides vital support for Jenny.

Jenny was first diagnosed with a long-developing blood cancer called chronic leukaemia after a routine blood test.

“I got in contact with Sheila, a Leukaemia Foundation Blood Cancer Coordinator,” explains the 57-year-old. “I needed to go where the most valid knowledge was and, if necessary, where the clinical trials were.

“Sheila was excellent at talking me through the terminology, what to expect with the treatment and what it means to have a chronic leukaemia.

Having to travel four hours from her hometown for treatment, Shelia also helped Jenny to access a patient travel subsidy scheme and find accommodation.

“You don’t know what you don’t know. Shelia was just excellent; she was in constant contact with me throughout the whole journey.

“She has been a real leveler, easing my anxiety over the travel to treatment and through chemotherapy.

“We’ve already started to chat about whether I’ll be well enough to go back to work.

“I now know what I’m entitled to.”

Jenny is focusing on her recovery with her medical team monitoring her condition closely with weekly blood tests.

“It’s so important to understand your illness and talk to the Leukaemia Foundation to get direction and assistance on where you’re heading next with your disease,” said Jenny.

Jenny was recently told she is blood cancer-free and is feeling grateful for all the support she received to find the right treatment pathway for her.

Your fundraising has helped Leukaemia Foundation support people like Siobhan

Siobhan was just 14 years old when she was first diagnosed with blood cancer in 2015. 

“I was a fit, healthy teenager with a few bad bruises and a couple of bloody noses,” said the now 19-year-old. “A blood test and one phone call later and my life changed completely.” 

Siobhan and her family stayed at a Leukaemia Foundation Patient Accommodation Village while she received life-saving treatment. 

“My first diagnosis was really hard. I didn’t want to talk to anyone and felt so embarrassed and ashamed of my illness,” remembers Siobhan. 

“I wouldn’t leave the room for anything until my mum convinced me one day to go down to see the Leukaemia Foundation support staff in the office. 

“I was introduced to Maryanne, a Blood Cancer Support Coordinator you help to fund, and we just clicked straight away. 

“There was no shame in what I was telling her. We would talk about all my teenage issues and she would laugh and reassure me through it all.” 

When Siobhan relapsed in 2019, she felt assured by her first experience with the Leukaemia Foundation, knowing she would have access to all the supportive care she needed. 

“I walked in that first day and said to Maree at the front desk: ‘I’m back, buddy, let’s do this!’,” laughs Siobhan. 

“Maree and my mum, Sally, also became really great friends. They would go walking and work out in the gym together. 

“That was really important for my mum’s mental health as well because being a carer is not easy.” 

Siobhan is grateful to you for the family she built while staying at the village and keeps in regular contact with Maree and Maryanne. 

“They see you at your best and worst, experiencing every setback and every victory together. 

“I consider them my lifelong friends and actually really miss them now as happy as I am to be getting on with my life.” 

Siobhan is now in remission – and we miss her, too!