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You can make a difference to people affected by cancer by supporting the Dry July Foundation.

Money raised will go to organisations in Queensland which offer cancer support and treatment services. Funds are awarded following a grant application round in late October each year.

Grant recipients may include small regional hospitals, metropolitan hospitals, and not-for-profit organisations. For more information please email [email protected]

Latest Updates

Bundaberg Health Services work on Rotary Lodge is underway

Dry July has granted $10,000 to provide TVs and whitegoods to an additional four bedrooms being added to the Rotary Lodge facility. The accommodation will increase capacity from 5 to 9 bedrooms at the lodge.

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Queensland Cancer Support Organisations Receive 2016 Dry July Funds

We have announced the 41 recipients of this year’s Dry July Foundation Grant Program as part of the 2016 Dry July campaign. In Queensland, there are 6 recipients undertaking a number of projects funded by Dry July beneficial to those affected by cancer. 

To view the full announcement please click on the link below:

Congratulations to this year’s Grant Program recipients in Queensland:

• Bundaberg Health Services Foundation

o Rotary Lodge expansion furnishings

• Cancer Council Queensland

o Charles Wanstall Lodge community games room refurbishment

o Olive McMahon Lodge replacement of linen and bedside lamps

o Olive McMahon Lodge community room development

• Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation

o CADD pumps for patients to receive treatment at home

• Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

o Cancer Patient Transport Service (partial funding)

• Mater Cancer Care Centre

o Music Therapy Program at South Brisbane

o Music Therapy Program at MCCC Springfield

• The OTIS Foundation

o Additional Queensland retreats for breast cancer patients and their families

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New A/C Units at Gluyas Rotary Lodge in Townsville

Gluyas Rotary Lodge in Townsville is one of Cancer Council Queensland’s (CCQ) six accommodation lodges that provide cancer patients and their families/carers with a home-away-from-home during treatment. 

Patients often stay at the lodge for up to six or eight weeks, and require a comfortable living area. 

Dry July Foundation grant funding was recently used to replace the old air-conditioners at the lodge, enabling CCQ to continue offering a comfortable room with quality air temperature control. This is particularly important for patients experiencing the side effects of cancer treatment.

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Mindfulness Programs in Regional Queensland

Evidence from Cancer Council Queensland’s (CCQ) mindfulness research shows that people who receive training in mindfulness skills often experience less anxiety about their diagnosis and are better equipped to manage cancer-related challenges. Dry July Foundation grant funding from 2015 will allow CCQ's Cancer Counselling team to deliver half day mindfulness programs to over 100 participants living in regional and rural Queensland. Many of these people, due to geographical, medical or other reasons, would not have otherwise been able to access these workshops.

UPDATE: As at June 2016, over 80 people had attended these Dry July funded workshops in regions such as Dalby, Roma, Charleville, Kingaroy, Toowoomba, and Maryborough.

When asked 'which aspects of the workshop did you find most helpful?' participants replied: 

- The encouragement of feeling revitalized following the 15 min mediation.  

- Body scanning taking stock of one’s self.

- It was all really good.

- Was to cope and overcome issues of stress/anxiety.

- A way to help deal with my emotions during stressful situations .

- Ways to help me not to worry about everything, so much.

- Open discussion and meeting people.

- The complete program .

- Exercises, meditation and discussing issues with other people in the group.

- I found it all helpful.

- How to help myself unwind.

- All! The practicing of being mindful – breathing eating and stretching exercises. 

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Patient Entertainment System for Cairns Hospital

Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation is helping Cairns Hospital purchase 6 interactive patient entertainment and technology platform for use by cancer patients. Funding was made possible through supporters who nominated FNQHF as their preferred beneficiary during the 2015 campaign, as well as through a grant from the Dry July Foundation.

The systems consist of a TV and a tablet that enables patients to keep in touch with their friends and do work or personal interest activities. Each system integrates with the hospital system and allows patients to work interactively to plot treatment goals with their doctors.

The system is essentially aimed at improving the patient experience by reducing patient isolation, acting as a patient portal for communication and information, and keeping patients connected with their outside worlds.