Madeline's Story

“They say there are a few defining moments that change your life forever – getting a call from my dad telling me he had prostate cancer was one of them.”

Madeline’s dad, Steven, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2020, at age 53.

“I remember feeling numb when I got the call from my dad,” she says.

“I never expected this to happen to my father and especially at 53 years old. It makes me wonder how many other fathers, husbands, brothers and men in our lives are walking around with this disease, just like my dad was. It scares me to think it crept up on my family as it did, and it could happen to anyone. My dad wasn’t diagnosed until it had already spread – but hopefully other men can catch it earlier."

While her Dad is doing well at the moment, she knows it could be a long road ahead for their family. The past two years has been really hard – with most of the family separated by COVID. Madeline is in Barcaldine, while her dad lives in Melbourne.

“You never think cancer is going to happen to you, or someone you love, until one day it does. I knew I had to take action against a disease that silently creeps up on the men we love. I feel like if one girl in an outback town can get involved, then anyone can. This year, I’ll be doing Dry July for my Dad.”

Madeline knows the funds we raise will go to supporting families just like hers.

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