Keon's Story

When Keon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 39, he turned to the Pancare Foundation for help.

Through Pancare’s PanSupport program, Keon was able to receive dedicated support, resources and the opportunity to connect with others to understand more about his diagnosis, treatment options and other practical ways to help him navigate living with cancer.

“Pancare Foundation have been a great source of support during my treatment with pancreatic cancer. Through their PanSupport program, I’ve had access to their Specialist Cancer Nurse, Shannon, who has helped me access treatment options and kept me motivated and determined to beat this disease. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend support groups and connect with others living with cancer to share our experiences, support one another and remain positive.

I’d encourage others to get involved in Dry July and help Pancare give hope and support to others living with low-survival cancers.”