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Vera na Ranong

$8,528.87 raised

Target: $9,000


Hi Everyone

This year I have decided to do Dry July - the major fundraiser for the St Vincent's Hospital Cancer Ward & would really love your support for this great cause.

Raised funds provide items such as special chemotherapy chairs and ice making machines. Such equipment cannot be purchased using government funds as they are for patient comfort.

As most of you know, I have recently spent six months undertaking chemotherapy at St Vincent's & am thankfully now cancer free. During my time on the ward I was definitely the beneficiary of these patient comfort items - while they may seem like little things - flowers & magazines at reception, greenery in the inner courtyard, nice Christmas decorations & herbal teas - they certainly made a visit to hospital that little bit more pleasant / bearable. On more practical items, previous donations have also helped fund filtered ice machines (good for mouth sores & nausea, but with the added benefit of reduced risk of infection due to the filtered water). Turns out my St Vincent fridge magnet ("you must go to hospital immediately if...") was also funded by donations - not what you want to receive obviously, but equally, very handy.

This year I know St Vincent's would LOVE to buy a scalp cooling cap - a device which helps patients retain their hair during chemotherapy. For a lot of people this is one of the more distressing aspects of treatment and certainly the very idea of it (plus cutting my hair short, plus buying a wig) totally freaked me out. Although I had to cut my hair short & its pretty manky compared to before, I am SO grateful that I did not have to use the wig I bought (pictured), despite being told I would lose all of my hair after 4-5 weeks. It might sound silly but subsequently having hair at each progressive major event really did feel like a celebration. Losing your hair is a big deal!

Establishing a patient relaxation/wellness area within the hospital (like the Olivia Newton-John one at the Austin) is also on the fundraising wish list.

More details of previous projects funded by Dry July donations can be found here:

So..... please support this great cause if you can


Please either join me in doing Dry July or giving generously if you can. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and no donation is too small - or too big - you might even like to stay dry one night in July and donate the money instead :)

Thanks so much in advance for your support

xx Vera

Status Updates

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$25.00 from Valessa Guinan

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$85.00 from Anonymous

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$102.60 from Hang Quach

Very proud of you Vera in more ways than one. Thx for doing the hard yard fir the rest of us😉

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Hi Hang, Thanks so much for your generous donation & amazing support - & philosophical thoughts / motivation during treatment. xx
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$100.00 from Pouangchompoo Limvichai

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Dear Aunty Poungchumpoo, Thank you very much for your generous donation :) Vera

Status Update

St Vincent's fundraiser afternoon tea. In addition to funding ongoing day-to-day support such as nice herbal teas and newspaper subscriptions, the hospital is still super keen to buy a scalp cooling cap to prevent hair loss during treatment. Total funds raised are $32k, while the caps cost $40-45k! The hospital can apply to Dry July for a grant in October, so fingers crossed they get there! It may sound silly to get upset about something like losing your hair, but on top of everything else you are dealing with, it is a pretty daunting & traumatic prospect when it happens to you.

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$337.07 from Turlough Mc Guinness

Well done Vera! You get the benefit of me not having donated to charity in a while, along with a cause that is close to home and promoted by a genuine person.

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Hi Turlough, Thanks so much for your generous donation :) Vera
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$51.40 from Andrea Davies

Well done Vera! Very proud of you...

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Thanks so much Ange! Hope you all had a fab weekend in Phillip Island, xx
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$102.60 from Kathy Haydon

Hi Vera.
Congratulations on making such a great effort and raising so much money. I hope you reach your target.

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Thanks so much Aunty Kath! Xx
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$51.40 from Kay Axsentieff

Well done Vera ... I am a friend of The Tattersalls and met you at Cathryn's party several years ago. You inspired me to do Dry July too! Thank You!

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Hi Kay, What a lovely surprise 😊. Thank you for your generous donation & kind words. I hope Dry July is treating you well - it definitely makes you conscious of how much drinking is part of our daily lives/social occasions! Best regards, Vera
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$200.00 from bruce summers

Nearly there !

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Thanks so much Bruce! Keep having to remind myself not to have a 🍷 with dinner!!! Xx

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