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Gday everyone hope youse are well.
Since I was 16-17 I’ve struggled with grog, and at some stages drugs involved as well. It’s been 2 and a half years since I’ve touched drugs, and now I’m trying to pull up on the grog and sort myself out.
I know everyone usually gets behind any fundraiser I do so while I’m making myself better I’m going to raise money for cancer through “Dry July”.

Status Updates

$62.60 from Leah Bennett

Well done Ty.


$52.20 from Heather & Jordan

You can do anything you set your mind too so we have every belief you can do this too. Love Mum & Jordan xx


$62.60 from Vicki Hoffmann

Proud of you for doing this, I grew up with alcohol coming before providing for your family & the violence that some people have when drinking so I know what it can do. Keep up the good work & always here for you xxx


$250.00 from R K Livestock Qld

Keep up the great work mate we’re cheering for you.

Thank you

$52.20 from T&S Grazing & Contracting

Proud of you xx

Thank you

$21.00 from Mitch O’loughlin

Love ya brother I’ve had your back day 1 and still will, miss ya brother catch up for a cuppa soon


$500.00 from Jeanne PollardLove you Ty

Love you Ty, I know you can do it xxx

Thank you

$200.00 from C & J Rural

Thanks cuz
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