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Hi everyone – yep, I’m doing Dry July this year! I’ve never gone more than a few days without enjoying a beer, so doing a dry month will certainly be new and a great challenge. Knowing that the funds raised all go to Redkite though, makes the effort so worthwhile!

For those that don’t know – the Redkite family is very close to our hearts after standing alongside us through some inspirational and also some tragic times following Josh’s accident. Any reason to support this amazing group, and we’re keen to be involved. So, with the funds raised going toward helping young adults and their families face cancer, please support my Dry July challenge by making a donation – it doesn’t matter how large or small, cos it all makes a huge difference in providing comfort and support when it’s needed most.

Many thanks, and wish me luck lol
JAMS 😊 (cos even tho it’s me not drinking, we’re always together)

Status Updates

Status Update

Thanku so much everyone. I really appreciate the support, for me treading new ground, but most especially for Redkite ❤️

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$103.20 from Duncan Picknoll

Well done Sean! Almost there!
Love always The Picknoll Family x

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Thank you Picknolls - for the donation that geta me over my target line and for the support and resilience during the month. Looking forward to a little celebration as we tip over into August 😃
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$103.20 from Mum and Bernard

Fortunately we don't have any shares in breweries otherwise we would have had to sell them before they crashed as your Dry July progressed!!!!!!!!!! Bernard and Mum.

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Funny, funny and thanku M+B 😃 Carlton United Brewing might feel a tiny glitch in their WA sales, possibly .... but they’ll understand it’s for a great cause ❤️

Status Update

You'll have to look closely at this image, but you'll see 2 x AFDs (alcohol free days) in the pint! I'm on the dry path now - food and exercise seem to be competing to fill the after-work beer gap - not sure which will win lol :)

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$400.00 from CENSIO (JAMS)

We got your back Sean (and the keys to the lock on the fridge) lol :)

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oh haha - thanku Censio :)
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$20.80 from Neroli Ridgewell

Great work Sean! Love Troy, Pippa, Zoe and Neroli x

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Thanku neighbours :)
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$31.10 from Tess Tom and Josh

Well done on doing this xo

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Thanks Tess, Tom and Josh! Hopefully it will help my running performance too :)
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$31.10 from Mitch Evans

Hope this helps!

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Certainly does Mitch, thanks mate!
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$25.00 from Ash Helm

It’s when I get my exam results 😛 we defs need to celebrate then!!

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OMG Ash, you know me too well ❤️
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$31.10 from Rayleen Hargreaves

Thinking they aren’t working you hard enough! Always a great cause - good luck x

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Did you say work Ray - ahaha. Love of the job isn’t my challenge, it’s love of a beer that’ll test me 😃 Thanku!
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