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I'm going dry because someone I know has been affected by cancer.

Status Updates

$36.60 from Laura Hurstfield

Thank you so much xx

$130.20 from Doug & Tracey Baker

Amazing, thank you xx

$250.00 from Tracey Shenton

Love you guys xx

OMG ! Thank you xx

$20.00 from Danee

You've got this girl xx

Thank you so much xxx

$60.00 from Alasdair bacon

Go girl. We know it will be hard but we have faith in you

Cheers love, appreciate the donation xx

$50.00 from Lara Wilson

You've got this Sarah! Love the other Wilsons xx

Thanks other Wilson's xxx

$60.00 from Karen Law

Go Sares!! Proud of you babe. Such a worthwhile cause!!

Thank you Kaz xxx

$52.20 from BD Treats

You've got this!
Love from Brianna, Hayden, Hudson and Jackson. Xx

Thank you amazing friends xxx

$100.00 from leadbeatter kirk

Best wishes I’ll drink for you 🍺

You rock Leddy. Thanks love xx

Status Update

Beautiful people.
You know that cancer has hit the family hard in the last 12months. My darling husband was diagnosed with Colorectal cancer with mets to other parts of his body.
The cancer council has been so amazing in supporting us and all the other families. It's time to give back. You all know I don't mind a drink or 2 and I appreciate all the giggles you have at the thought of me going without Alcohol for a month. But July 2024 will be the month I do it - and what better way to celebrate Chad's 1st August birthday, by finishing dry july

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