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Sarah Smith

$147.28 raised

Target: $1,000


For the health benefits & to raise money for a great cause!

Status Updates

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$20.68 from Frances Cessario

Go Sarah!!!

Can't wait to have a drink with you in August ;)

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Thanks Frankie for your support!! And yes I'm looking forward to it too :)
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$25.00 from Casey Rubie


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He he YTG indeed!!!! Thanks for the donation lovely! Xx
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$25.80 from Karon Cox

Good luck, I've done it a few times and it's not easy haha! Be careful on August 1st, no making up for the whole month :-)

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Ha ha Karon how did you know I have big plans for August?!? Lol. Seriously though thanks for the support, it's much appreciated :)
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$50.00 from Drew Stores

Good luck Sarah. Great cause

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Thanks for the support... and the golden ticket! Can almost taste the vino!!
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$25.80 from Sarah Smith

Good luck Sarah! From Sarah! Xx

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