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Hello All,

Primarily for health reasons (I am very efficient at converting alcohol to fat), but also for a great cause, I have decided to go Dry July (with a few Golden Tickets thrown in) this year.

You probably know I have had a brush with cancer, but may not know that the ONJ Cancer Research Institute contributed to saving my life through the Liquid Biopsy test they developed and launched the week before it was used to determine I was an immunotherapy candidate for metastatic melanoma. It is a miracle I’m here, but they were part of the journey - hence my nominated charity.

It would be great if you could support this great cause, and hopefully I’ll lose a few kilos in the process!

Thanks in advance!

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$103.20 from Ben

Well done on keeping it up, although seeing you steer clear of ice cream no year it's no surprise you've got a strong will!

Lots of love, and with lots of pride,

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$103.20 from Mary-Anne Carmody

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$100.00 from Julian Mulcahy

Well done Peter!

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$123.80 from Matthijs Smith

Great effort for a great cause. Just don't mention that you feel a whole lot better after not drinking for a month. I don't want to know that!!!! Cheers - Matthijs

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$103.20 from Brooke Picken

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$31.10 from Sam Crock

No golden tickets here.

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$200.00 from David Sparling

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$206.20 from Guy Perriman

Good stuff Pete. Shout you a red in August!

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$56.85 from Graeme Bullock

This is a great cause Peter, will help many people

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$55.00 from Natalia Alvarez

What a lovely cause Peter!!!

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