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Noel Smith

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I'm going dry because I know quite a few of my friends and family have been affected by cancer. My wife of 46 years passed away 4 years ago from breast cancer. I was diagnosed with lung cancer only a month ago, I have had an operation (middle lobe lobectomy and upper lobe wedge resection) and it looks like I may be one of the lucky ones. My heart goes out to anyone that has had a brush with cancer either directly or indirectly as I know how it feels either way.

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$250.00 from Brian Fletcher

Hello Noel
Glad you should OK from your cancer scare.
Talk soon

Status Update

Who's going to put the $7 to reach $2000?

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$50.00 from Peter McGregor

Hi Noel
Well done on overcoming the very stressful times - in your case, hard to say which more emotional, the health issues or the dry July. Here's to many more trivial years ahead - sorry, that should be "trivia years".
All the best
Peter Mac

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A big thank you to my favourite accountant, oh that's right I only have one. Does this mean my tax bill will go up by $50 this year? Seriously, thank you for your support through a pretty traumatic time in my life.
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$32.13 from Anonymous

Marrsole says will someone please buy the cranky Asole a drink so he can be nice again. next time pick a month with fewer days in it... congrats on making it through the month and well worth the cause to eliminate malady

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Thanks Mr Marrsole. You must have donated before your recent run at boo. Thank you very much and there seems an absence of a donation from the other bro (Marrsole2)
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$200.00 from Patrick Kynoch

Great effort Noel
Look forward to having a few quite drinks …. :)

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Hey Pat, the track must be treating you well for such a generous donation. Hope you and the family are well and get a chest X-ray. Thanks and good luck mate.
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$206.20 from Geoff Bower

Hey Smithy

Just received your news in an old email account.

After dry July we must finally have that drink.

Best wishes mate

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Hello Phantom.Good to hear from you and your kind donation is much appreciated.I would love to catch up for a drink or two in the near future. Thanks again!
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$30.00 from Anonymous

Good to see you back on deck Quail

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Thanks Anonymous It is a wonder you could afford the donation with two young kiddies to look after. Hope you and anonymous2 and the kids are well.Thank You
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$206.20 from Vince Aspinall

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Thanks Vince and Judy. Very generous, hope the track is treating you kind and you and the family are all well.
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$103.20 from Phil Marlow

Good work Noel!
Phil & Nic

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Thanks Phil and Nicky It was great to catch up on Sunday, make you pay for lunch and then expect a donation, teaches you not to win $20 off me at cards. Only joking, my shout next time you are up from Adelaide and thanks again.
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$31.10 from Sean Edwards

Catch you at the Track, Noel

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One of the nicest blokes I have had the pleasure to meet. Thanks Sean, and expect to get pretty good odds next time you and your mates are at the races. I really appreciate your donation.
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