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I'm going dry this JUNE to raise funds for Prostate Cancer in memory of my dad!

Status Updates

$60.00 from DF Agrifood Advisory

$60.00 from Martin Orzinski

Great call & lead Nicki.

$100.00 from Germaine

Great Cause Nicki, all the best with the fundraising.

$21.00 from Graham Harvey

Great effort Nicki and great cause

$50.00 from Herman Van Hummel

I only don't drink when I'm in hospital having surgery, but good on you!

$20.00 from Jemma Biffin

All the best Nicki!

$100.00 from Fritz Meyer

Go LLW!!!!!!!!!!

$260.20 from Richard and Amanda Mostyn

Well done Nicki!

$260.20 from Neil Kearney

Well done Nicki for taking the time to raise funds for important research, education and support

$104.20 from Simon Bromell

Outstanding Nicki !

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