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Martha Clarke

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My life was turned upside down this year when In April I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer only a year after losing my beautiful mum to breast cancer. Anyone who knows me well knows I haven’t had a dry month/day since I was in the womb so I’m taking this challenge to not only raise some funds for the cancer council who have been an amazing support to myself my mum and our family, but of course to prove to you all that I can go 30 full days (just to be clear, that’s 2 592 000 alcohol free seconds) without booze if it helps anyone dealing with a big C in their life (this particular C being cancer just to clarify) Plus, anything over 2k I’ll match on the bar with all who donate after the 30 days. So donate away and just be thankful I’m not asking you to shave your heads 😂

** disclaimer - my dry July actually starts on the 24th June and will end 25th July

Status Updates

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$31.10 from Judith Perrin

Well done Martha! Judy (Vicki’s sister)

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$31.10 from Gill McKinlay

Go well Martha! Xxx

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$56.85 from Joanna Klopper

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$250.00 from Annie Campbell

You are always such an inspiration Martha - so much so - I will dry July with you♥️

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$120.00 from Pippa Johnston

Can I lock you in for some babysitting this July?
Kick that big C in the butt Marth, we're cheering for you all the way. Pip, Johno & Lil xx

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$30.00 from Sally Taylor

Marth I had no idea about your cervix. Geeesus. What a bloody trooper. We’re all with you!!

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$31.10 from Kate Kelly

You got this xxxx

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$250.00 from Anonymous

You’re an absolute legend Marth. Sending all our love xxx

Ps- we’re well overdue for a catchup, this needs to be sorted!

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$120.00 from Antigone Rogers

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$103.20 from Sophia, Sarah & Dave Weir

So proud of you and your fierce determination Murthu.
Can’t wait for the after party 🤗

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