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Some people may say I'm doing Dry July because I have to. Not doing Dry July is kind of like drinking Coke when you work for Pepsi.

But seriously, since I joined the fantastic team at Dry July I've sadly had friends and even family members who have been impacted by cancer of all varieties.

The bright side is that I've also had the following wonderful opportunities to see exactly where the funds raised during Dry July go, and how much it makes a difference:
* I've heard about a day in the life of a Prostate Cancer Nurse
* Been inspired by Tracy Bevan at McGrath Foundation and their goal for more breast cancer nurses
* Seen and heard Cancer Council's 13 11 20 information line in action
* Visited Leukaemia Foundation's accommodation facilities
* Listened to a story from parents whose son was helped by Redkite
* Seen the difference a workshop from Look Good Feel Better can do
...and much more!!!!

So, I'm giving up the booze in July. All you need to do is donate to me. Thank you.

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$30.00 from Ruwenn Strong

Good on you Lyndal

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What a lovely surprise donation, Ru! Thank you very much.
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$56.85 from Claire Wilson

Stay Dry for July - remember your umbrella!

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Thanks a million, Claire. Make sure I don't leave the house without my brolly, especially on a Friday night!!!!
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$20.80 from Anonymous

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