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I am getting involved with Dry July because I have felt the impact of these organisations who help with cancer support and resources through my job nursing. But as many people, I have also seen the support from these organisations personally, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and beat it through a double mastectomy and combined radiation and chemo therapy in 2020. And my dad was recently diagnosed with end stage incurable lung cancer. Having to battle such a diagnosis and disease is a hard thing for anyone to do, I have personally felt the impact these organisations give for people and families suffering because of cancer and the ease they offer even if it is minor.

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$100.00 from Nathan Muskitta

I love you

$50.00 from Teta Reynolds

Good luck and all the best x

$104.20 from Brianna Cassar

I’m proud of you and your family ❤️❤️

i love you bri bri xxx

$52.20 from April

Love you Muskitta’s
Best family 🤍

thanks apes xxxx

$157.20 from Chelsea & Adam

Love you Larissa, you’re so strong!

thanks guys, love you!! xx

$21.00 from Lachie Hilder

thanks lachie xx

$36.60 from Pav R

thanks pav xx

$20.00 from Monique Ryland

thanks mon xxxx

$36.60 from Adam Gangemi

thanks to the most beautiful man i’ve met at fids xxx

$36.60 from Anonymous

thank you mysterious person xx
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