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Kieran Biber

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The Prince of Wales Hospital

Last year I was keen to raise money and awareness for cancer due to losing my father to the degenerating disease at the young age of 61; I felt like cancer is something that has affected my family severely and I was keen to assist in raising money.
Unfortunately this year, my younger brother Brendan aged 31 is in palliative care with a very aggressive brain cancer and to say my family and myself is in shock coming to terms with this is an understatement.
Brendan spent most of his time during/after surgery in Prince of Wales Hospital and the team and staff are nothing short of amazing, I would love to be able to raise money that will go directly to the hospital and assist other families that are going through the struggles that my family currently is, any donation possible is greatly appreciated!

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$100.00 from John O'Connell

Stay strong Kieran and being off the booze this will at times be a little harder.
Well done and best wishes to all the family.

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Thanks very much John! Will be a tough month! Thanks for the donation 👍
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$51.70 from Stuart Webb

I wish you and your family all the best mate.

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Thanks heaps for helping out mate, appreciated!

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