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$58.26 from Atlassian

$50.00 from Colin Chauvet

Congrats Keran!

$88.81 from Adarsh

$104.20 from Danny Rowe

I know how much of a sacrifice this will be Mr McKenzie. Be strong!

mate!! Thank you ... no doubt I'll be messaging you during the month for emotional support :D

$41.80 from Jason Cormier

Is alcohol free bourbon even a thing? And if so, should it be? Please report back.

Thank you mate! As for the alcohol free bourbon ... I don't even want to know

$62.60 from Grace Kraus

Good on you Keran! ❤️

Thank you Grace - much appreciated

$60.00 from Tim Pettersen

Great cause!

Dude, thank you!

$26.20 from Sean McGinn

Stay thirsty my friend.

Wow thanks mate!

$60.00 from James Hazelwood

Lay off the sauce!

Thank you so much mate!!

$60.00 from Keran

I have to back myself here right :D

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