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kath rose

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Mater Cancer Care Centre

Our amazing friend MK is right THIS VERY MINUTE in the biggest fight of her life against cancer and by doing Dry July.
The Man Mountain and I want to stand in her corner, and wipe the sweat from her brow and say GO ON.
It's the bloody least we can do.

Status Updates

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$25.95 from Sally Steele

Missed all of your dry July antics as I was away - great effort Kath xx wonderful cause

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$50.00 from Caitlin Gentle

You are amazing x

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$103.20 from David Scheul

Well done Kath. Cancer has touched our family like so many others. Thank you!

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WOW THANK YOU THANK YOU David - so appreciated xxxx
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$206.20 from Gourmand & Gourmet

We spend a lot of time making sure people are having a great time so we appreciate people who are willing to go a month without for a good cause!

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OH GOODNESS, thank you everyone at G&G; it has month to remember, literally! But it's the least I could do for my mate with cancer. Your support is incredible and I am really humbled. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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$51.70 from jack/matilda lumsden

Hi Mum
Daddy H told us about what you have done for MK,we are so proud of you

Love Matilda/Jack Lumsden

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$103.20 from Michael Anastas

Well done Kath! A true ambassador for a great cause!

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$31.10 from Karin Schaupp

Good on you Kath! Xx

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WOW, guitar hero and my my hero! THANK YOU MATE xxxxxxxxx
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$50.00 from Karen Hanna


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WOW thanks mate - you are a superstar and you and Dean will be coming here to celebrate - we need a date. xxxxx
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$50.00 from Craig Tanner

Thanks for going on “The Wagon” for me.

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OMG I LOVE LOVE YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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$50.00 from Sofie Formica

Legend!! xxx

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OH MY GOD mate thank you - me me promise you DINNER and DRINKS at my place in the next 2 months xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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