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I'm going dry because someone I know has been affected by cancer.

Status Updates

$62.60 from Jackie & Trevor Wall

$52.20 from Kyle Gribble

Thanks Gribs!!! Cheers

$62.60 from Bill Hyde

Thank you Billdo!!! Cheers

$200.00 from Rebecca Dean

I am with you this July good luck - a great cause 😊

Muchly appreciated Bec. Love ya xx

$520.20 from Dianne Thom

Enjoy your July John, remembering Robyn and my mum! Xx

Di, very generous… I wll catch up with you soon enough. I think we need to share a drink… maybe in August… haha!!

$35.00 from Karen Joseph

If you fail, do I get my money back? Great work Rumble

No… love ya xx

$100.00 from Shultz Commercial

Thanks Dan & team. Much appreciated

$100.00 from Gabrielle Huxham

Nice one Johnny. Enjoy your month without booze - I hope it gives you a spring in your step x

Thank you Gabs and Andy and Robyn & Sam (& Pretzel 🥨)!! See you soon xx

$250.00 from Luke Randell

Very generous. Thank you Luke & Peg!!

$62.60 from Jen Nitschke

A golden ticket so you can wear fruit outfit and help raise money at the First National Muster 🍊🍋

Oh thank god!!!!! Love ya Jen xx
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