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Jim Mills

$10,284.45 raised

Target: $1,000


I’m going dry to see if I can shoot laser beams out of my eyes after 4 weeks of sobriety.... and to raise funds for cancer.

Status Updates

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$51.70 from Simon Neylan

Well played. Megamind.

Status Update

Final day of July! Never doing that again 🤪
It seems I managed to raise more money by accepting donations on the proviso of actually drinking than NOT drinking!
There is a life lesson in that for everyone 😉
Thanks to everyone for donating - I’ll be doubling your pledge except for the really really really big one as per pre agreed contractual conditions 🤔

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$10,000.00 from Anonymous

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$25.95 from Mel Moss

This is for your wife ❤️

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$51.70 from Robyn Graziano

Let’s see if you can go longer then 9 days 😜😜😜

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$25.95 from Sam Gethin-Jones

On ya dad!

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$103.20 from Lisa Armstrong

Good luck!

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$25.95 from Andrew Latham

I’ll be watching you!

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