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Jason Koster

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Royal North Shore Hospital

As a lot of you know, my life changed dramatically last year at this exact time. After a night in hospital with what we all thought was appendicitis, turned out to be something much worse, The C bomb! (not that kind…) This all happened so quickly that within a week I was in surgery and 2 weeks later in chemo, starting what was the worst time of my life. Family, friends, my beautiful fiancé and beer was what got me through. At a time like this, drinks got all of us through, but as some of you know Sam, her brother Matt, Kirsten and my brother who struggled through it went alcohol free for the month to raise money for the amazing nurses and staff at Royal North Shore Hospital to improve the treatment for all patients that go through the cancer centre there. I saw first-hand what the fundraising in previous years had done, and now after last year’s issues it’s my turn to give back to those that helped my family and myself get through the terrible time. So please help us reach our target and beat last year’s donations. Thank you to everyone that donated last year and we hope you can do it again this year. This is also a tax-deductible donation, so you can claim it at the end of the tax year.

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$51.70 from Samantha Lee

Congratulations for getting through this month. I know it was tough to look at how far you have come in such a short period of time. This time last year you were fighting your own battle with cancer. But you came out the other side stronger than ever. Love you so much. Thank you for leading our team to triumph for this great cause. ❤️❤️

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$51.70 from Stewart Adams

Awesome cause Jason. Keep up the great work & beating the “C”.

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$200.00 from Bri Cant

Good luck Legend, you’ve got this !! Love Bri & Brendo

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$25.95 from Benjamin Skinner

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$20.00 from Toby Manchee

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$50.00 from James Clark

Yew great cause mate good luck with staying dry!!!

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$25.95 from Adam Wilson

Happy birthday Jason, have a good one!

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$20.00 from Josh Gates

to one of the best

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$100.00 from Junki Hasuo

Its no chicken dinner but a win is a win.👍

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$206.20 from Mark Reid

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Target: $3,500.00


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