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Recently cancer has had an effect on my family personally, at times it feels as though you can’t do much to help in such complicated situations, Dry July is my way of showing support everyone involved with cancer. patients, family members, medical staff and carers.

Status Updates

$52.20 from Kevin Everett

PYS Jack

Thanks Kev 😂

$104.20 from Andrea Doran

Thankyou Andrea hope you’re doing okay, appreciate it!

$30.00 from Judy Mclachlan

Hope you get better soon

Thankyou Judy appreciate it

$104.20 from Ray and Anne Devine

Great effort Jack

Thanks Ray and Anne!

$31.40 from Lenny, Fred, Bill and Pat Hickey

Thankyou appreciate it!

$52.20 from Anonymous

Good work Jack


$10.60 from Josh Stinchcombe

Good luck jack, hope everything goes well

Thanks Josh legend mate

$60.00 from Lisa Jones

Thankyou Lisa appreciate it!

$60.00 from Penny Knight

Good on you Jack!

Thankyou penny appreciate it!

$52.20 from Louise Peter Devine

Great work Jack. Cheers

Thankyou Peter and Louise appreciate it!
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