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Hollie Moreno

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Look Good Feel Better NSW

Hey guys, thank you so so much for donating.

Cancer is something that has affected a lot of people in my family. My Grandmother has had breast cancer, my Grandfather and my Uncle both passed away from a brain tumor, and just recently, my incredible mother was diagnosed with extensive cancer. This is after already surviving breast cancer twice.

I have chosen the Look Good Feel Better Foundation because looking her best has always been a point of pride for my mum and even when she's disagreed, I've always thought she was a frikken hot mumma. She has also always helped me to look and feel my best, and I know that she would want other cancer patients to feel their better self during such an awful and hard time.

"The program includes lessons on skin and nail care, cosmetics, wigs and turbans, accessories and styling, helping people with cancer to find some normalcy in a life that is by no means normal."

I think that this is an awesome program, and I hope that whatever I can donate, will give some joy to the patients and their families.

$500- 8 hours
$750 -12 hours
$1000 - 20 hours
$1250 - 2 days

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$25.80 from Dunja Karagic

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$25.80 from Katheenl Bradley

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$41.16 from Madeline Bishop

Hi Hollie,
Our family lives with cancer too. My Dad was lost to it. Two of my best friends have been taken too soon because of it. My beautiful husband lives with it everyday but continues to defy the odds against brain and bowel cancers (both primaries). And my kids have had to grow up too quickly because of it all.
Best wishes in this fundraiser.
Madeline Bishop xx
(I have never met you but I hung out with your Dad back in the Newtown days! Super proud of your efforts though xxx)

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$50.00 from Jan Newby & Evan Cole

Good on you Hollie, Great effort

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$25.00 from Rob Chapman

Keep up the good work Hollie!

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$20.68 from Andrea Hilder

Great effort Hollie

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$100.00 from Jemma WaszczakGadd

Well done Hollie. Lots of love to you and Trish.

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$25.80 from Jordan Goren

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$75.00 from Maddie Kelly

Much love xxx

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$20.00 from Lily Durland

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