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Frank Maxwell

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The Royal Melbourne Hospital

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As most of you will know, my future father in law was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia 6 months ago.. He is one of the strongest guys I know but he is doing it tough at the moment and has spent months in hospital... so I have decided to give up something I enjoy in aim to raise some much needed funds... Please help me supporting this great cause and dig deep 😎

Status Updates

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$102.60 from Stephen Maxwell

Good man Frank, great cause for a great man. God bless

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$200.00 from Caroline & Joe

Good on you Frank, love and Prayers, Aunty Caroline & Uncle Joe

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$50.00 from Joseph & Carmen Camilleri

To our brother in law Joe, we are praying for you. Stay strong and keep up the good work.


Carmen and Joe

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$51.40 from Adena Del Vescovo

Good luck Frank! Such a nice thing you're doing for Andrea's beautiful dad x

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$100.00 from Anthony Cini

Keep up the good work .... Thank You45

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$50.00 from Alan Cini

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$102.60 from Steve and Teresa Maxwell

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$25.80 from Connie Bugelli

To my Big Heart Brother with a Heart of Gold Thinking of you take it day by day stay positive stay strong ❌❤❌

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$200.00 from Frank & liz Maxwell

Sending lots of well wishes to Andreas dad and big thumbs up to you frank!❤️❤️

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$25.00 from Maria Rivas

I'm so happy to hear you are staying strong and positive Joe, that's the man I met and always remember. Take care of yourself as I'm sure your family are doing for you now.

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