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Believe it or not, I've signed up for a Dry July! But it's more than just giving up alcohol for 31 days... It's also about raising funds for people affected by cancer.

Please support my Dry July challenge by making a donation. Your donation will help provide comfort and support to cancer patients and their families when they need it most.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Status Updates

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$31.10 from Erin Hennessey

You guys rock!

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So awesome thank you!!!!
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$56.85 from Maree G

Go Claire!! I hope Redkite knows how lucky they are to have you. Xx

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Maree you lovely woman!! Thank you. I feel the lucky one to be there actually. Feeling so motivated for Dry July!
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$20.80 from Gabriella Wilson

Well done you!!! xxx

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Thank you friend! I know things are tight and this mean so much. Love you xx
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$123.80 from Jason & Jo

Well done! We're still not entirely sure it'll happen though :)

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Oh my gosh guys this is amazing! So generous and Redkite thanks you! I am definitely going dry and feel really motivated by it because I understand the cause so well. But also, its gotta be good for me right?!
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$56.85 from Masula Compliance

Good luck Claire!

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So generous! Thank you so much. I can't tell how much this means to the families who are supported by Redkite
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$31.10 from Matt Masula

Good Luck, it's gonna be painful :)

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A little painful but nothing compared to what some of our young people go through! I can do this! Thanks heaps Matt.
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$31.10 from Somer Mathison

Redkite is awesome Claire and so are you xo

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Too beautiful Somer! Thank you so much. I know you understand what Redkite means to families. I am so motivated for this!
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