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Benjamin Franklin may or may not have said: "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy".

I love my beer but have decided to give it up for 31 days this Dry July to raise money for this very important cause. Please donate as generously as you can. I will MATCH ALL DONATIONS up to my target.

I am one of the doctors in the Alfred Health Palliative Care Team. We help our cancer patients and families to live well, die well and grieve well. It's a tough but rewarding job, doing our best to relieve physical suffering as well as promote psychosocial and spiritual wellbeing.

Thanks to Dry July, we've been very fortunate to have Dr Lucy Forrest join the team last year. An experienced music therapist, Lucy has helped numerous patients and families in our cancer centre and on the ward to better tolerate their treatment, reduce their symptoms, and find some comfort and peace in the always busy and sometimes lonely setting of a big hospital.

You can read more about Lucy's amazing work here:

Status Updates

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$30.00 from Patty Lee-Apostol

What a great cause. So proud of you.

Status Update

‪Behold the golden goodness, nectar of the gods - oh how I have missed you! But it’s been worth it - ALL THIRTY-ONE THIRSTY DAYS - just to experience the generosity of my friends. Thank you all so much for your donations - bottoms up everyone!!

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Status Update

Three weeks down - but my biggest #DryJuly challenges are yet to come! I have a couple of nice dinner outings planned this week and it's going to be a REAL STRUGGLE to watch others enjoy a tasty alcoholic beverage while I make do with yet another lemon lime bitters... But I know it will all be worth it in the end!!

(Having said that, if anyone is interested in buying me a golden ticket or two, I guess I won't be saying no... *HINT HINT*)

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$30.00 from Vass Adams

Good effort Chi. You’re nearly there!

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Thanks Vass. Much appreciated! Looking forward to our work dinner on Wednesday - you with your gin & tonic, me with my lemon lime bitters...
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$30.00 from Sally Hayes

Go Chi!

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Thank you so much Sally. Hope you are doing well and so are Mick & Gus :-D
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$56.85 from Sarah Donovan

Hope you enjoyed your porchetta sans alcohol 🍷 🍺

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I sure did - but not as much as I enjoy your generous donation! Thanks Sarah! Hope your exam preparation is going well - let's catch up afterwards and celebrate together!

Status Update

Week one done & dusted!

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$55.00 from steven pitman

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Cheers Steve. Please have a beer for me during the upcoming jam weekend :-D
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$56.85 from David Brumley

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Thank you very much for your support Dave! Hope all is well down in the Bellarine & you're getting some sailing / paddling in...

Status Update

Last drink before THIRTY ONE DAYS of beer-less wilderness... Wish me luck!

Thanks to all of my amazing supporters for helping me to not only reach my initial target of $1000, but well and truly smash my revised target of $1500. Incredible!!

What are our chances are of reaching $3000 by the end of July? Pretty good I reckon! If you have been thinking about donating to this worthy cause - please do! Together we can make a difference for people living with cancer!!!

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