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Catherine Shields

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The Alfred, Melbourne

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Working at The Alfred I get to see first hand the impact Dry July funds have had on the hospital and the patients being treated here. Having a dedicated young adults breakout area, opening up a garden off one of the waiting rooms, a music therapy program, patient accommodation for regional/rural patients to ease the financial burden of treatment. These are amazing changes which directly benefit those impacted by cancer. Thanks everyone for your support and please donate so we can continue to improve the care we can provide and help support those living with cancer.

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$103.20 from Patricia Shields

Probable net gain to the budget this month!!

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In reading the comments my family and friends are writing you'd think I never bring my own wine to dinner. But also thanks!
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$25.00 from Hilary Simons

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I'll drink a whisky drink, I'll drink a vodka drink, I'll drink lager drink, I'll drink a cider drink.... it'll remind me of the good times!
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$56.85 from Judith Anderson


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You're such a gem! You'll need to pick up the slack ; ) Really I'm just extending the life of my liver so I can drink for more years!!
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$62.00 from Naomi Harris

I'm pretty sure that you not drinking will save me money, ya bad, bad influence ;)

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I know that and I’m ok with it!
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$154.70 from Srinath Bandara

We should donate more cos you not drinking saves our wine collection!

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I won't drink your wine to the general joy of the whole table then! You're welcome???
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$50.00 from Catherine Shields

Honestly, you amaze me!

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