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Catherine Shields

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Target: $1,000


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The Alfred, Melbourne

I'm going dry because someone I know has been affected by cancer and it gives me the opportunity to show my support for them and the public health services that provide treatment and care to those living with cancer.

I am pleased to be able to support The Alfred and help them to improve the services and facilities the hospital can offer patients.

I'm looking for sponsors for each day throughout July, for a minimum donation of $20 you can keep me dry. I'll start. July 1st is the start of Cath 2.0, the better, cleaner living Cath who is being the change she wants to see in the world and who won't continue to talk about herself in the third person.


Status Updates

Status Update

Dry July is over and together staff at The Alfred raised over $17,000, a remarkable effort. We are the second highest fundraising team in the country! I am super proud of everyone who took part. Thanks to those who went dry and for those who sponsored. We did good! Wine, now!!

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$25.00 from Shaheen Sahib

Sorry for the delay in donation! Well done, I'm super proud of you girl!


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Ditto! Look at us making healthy life choices xo
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$25.00 from Danusha Perera

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Thanks lady! Lucky your Birthday falls in August!
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$20.00 from Catherine Shields

And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed. The first $20 was mine, makes sense the next $20 is mine to get me over the $1000. Thanks everyone for the support!!

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Thanks me!!
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$25.95 from Leonie Prendergast

Almost done.....hang in there!

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I know. Another weekend and no wine. Thanks for the donation!
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$51.70 from Jude Anderson

You are a wonderful woman, Miss Catherine!

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Ditto!! Can you believe I went all this time? That’s not rhetorical I’m actually asking cause I think there was a lot of doubt.
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$41.40 from Kirby, Neo, Rafa & Gabe

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Thanks my lovelies. I did ok living on nothing but food and water. Thanks for participating in making the world a better place xo
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$50.00 from Uncle Neil & Auntie Cara

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No cheat days this year. No Rose all day for me. This was a total Dry July. Thanks for the donation xo
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$31.10 from Fiona Young

Well done Cath. Hope you get to your target!

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Thanks Fi. I’m only $20 off. Super happy to have so many generous people support me and help The Alfred.
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$20.00 from Megan Martin

31 Days Alcohol Free - Super Proud of your restraint! #FuckCancer

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Dude! Can you believe it?? No golden tickets! I am a god!! You're ok too. Thanks so much you beautiful sea creature! Cancer can go eat a bag of d*cks!!

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