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Catherine Lander

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Over the years, I've witnessed too many loved ones and dear friends receive their diagnosis. I've always done what I can to help, because being treated for cancer can be a lonely path to walk.
This year, I'm raising money for Redkite, because no family should have to face cancer alone, and with Redkite, they don't have to.

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$10.00 from Jennifer Guerrero

Asher told me so...

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$12.41 from Caillin Wiles

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$120.00 from John Sullivan

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$31.10 from Colin Wilson

We clearly need to have dinner before July then? ;)

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$31.10 from Adrienne Robertson

A great cause Catherine. I take my hat of to you! Hope this golden ticket for the 20th July makes it just that tiny bit easier xo

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$30.00 from Julia Schindlmayr

You go, girl! I’m proud of your efforts for a great cause.

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$25.95 from Catherine Lander

In the ultimate act of self-love, I'm donating to myself. It's the equivalent of a fancy cocktail, or a couple of wines. This is no worse for my bank balance, but infinitely better for my liver...

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