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Bruce Palmer

$8,195.64 raised

Target: $7,500


I'm going dry because someone I know has been affected by cancer.

Status Updates

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$51.70 from Jayson Priest

you are a champion, one of the truely good ones. I know that stubborn atttitude of yours will come to the forefront in this battle and you will overcome it like all the other bad situations you have ever faced. Keep fighting, keep winning!

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You are correct mate. What is one more kick in the guts? This is the last kick. Cheers for your donation.
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$103.20 from Paula Flaherty

Good on ya Bruce, we will drink to success, Cheers Paula & Tony

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Hello Paula. Yes. dink for success will happen. Cheers guys for your support.
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$25.00 from Nicola Cagney

Congratulations on doing this Dry July.
I am a friend of Kate Hampton and she said that you were doing this ... well done and with you in spirit !
Cheers and best wishes
Nicky Cagney šŸ¤™

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Thank you so much Nicola. Such a nice thing you have done donating to a stranger. You can have all the good karma in the world.
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$1,000.00 from COLQUHOUN'S

Hey Bruce, Stay Strong! Stay Positive! Strength can always found through friends. All the best from all your friends at Colquhoun's throughout Australia. The whole team are behind you mate.

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Speechless....... A very big thank you goes out to all at Colquhouns Australia. This is a very thoughtful and generous gift.
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$206.20 from Adam Marinakis

Hi Bruce
Good luck with it all, I would rather donate than not drink for a month.

Adam Marinakis

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Top job champion.
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$257.70 from Thao Dang

Does that mean I can take all the wine in the office?
They'll come in handle for my re-gifting šŸ˜

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$50.00 from Robyn Bosci

go for it Bruce, great effort...

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Thank you Robyn, nice to see you donate to keep your boss alive.
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$50.00 from Paul James

Go Bruce!!!!!

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Thank you Paul.
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$50.00 from Tanya De Vita

Best wishes Bruce

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Cheers Tanya, off to get a bottle wine now.
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$50.00 from George Vounasis

If anyone can beat this it's you Bruceter.

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Cheers mate.

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